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India GST Procure To Pay (P2P) Questions and Answers

1.On Saving the receipt getting error in Receiving Transaction form "Code Combination Not Defined". How to resolve it?

The cause of the error is Tax Accounts are not provided in the Define Tax Type form. Even if single account is left blank the above error will come. Please setup up all the accounts using below navigation:
       1. Navigate to Oracle Financial for India
       2. Tax Configuration > Regime > Query the Regime
       3. Enter missing accounts in accounts tab and save changes
       4. Retest the issue
Taxes are not shown in Purchase Order localized form.Why?


2.Tax Amount not showing in Purchase Orders Localized Form

Unlike earlier we will no longer have Localized forms in the new GST solution and to view the tax details Query the Purchase Order and Navigate to Tools --> India Tax Details.


3.Why the Tools > India Tax Details is grayed out at RFQ, Quotation, Requisition, Purchase Order, Receipt, Invoice Line level?

Tools > India Tax Details will be enabled only at header level for any document. Thus to apply or review taxes one must need to keep the cursor at document header and then navigate.


4.Is Outside processing & Tax Deducted at Source (TDS/Withholding Tax) is supported in GST Phase 1?

In GST Phase 1 Outside processing and TDS (Withholding Tax) is not coded. These functionalities will form part of next phase of GST. As of now user can park the test cycle related to Outside processing & TDS functionality.


5.While validating the invoice getting error: Unexpected error occurred during Tax Calculation: Inventory organization and location are required by some of taxes. How to resolve it?

The error is coming because Organization and Location is not selected in Tools > India Tax Details form.
      Please perform the following to resolve the issue:
     1. Query the invoice in invoice workbench
     2. Navigate to Tools > India Tax Details
     3. Select the organization and location and save it
     4. Retest the issue


6.Taxes are calculating as 0 in AP Invoice. Why?

The cause of the is tax rate used in the invoice was end dated and that is the reason it was not getting calculated. Please perform the following to resolve the issue:
    1. Navigate to Oracle Financials for India
    2. Tax Configuration > Define Tax Rates > Query the Tax Rate
    3. Create a new rate. Save Changes
    4. Retest the issue


7. When the receipt is created with taxes , it is observed that the tax accounting entries are not generated. Please clarify.

Per Functionality, before saving the receipt, user should navigate to 'India Tax Details' form and tick the Checkbox 'Confirm Taxes'.
Once the taxes are confirmed and the receipt is saved, please check for the completion of the Base concurrent request 'Receiving Transaction Processor'.
Then verify whether the entries are generated in GL_INTERFACE or not.


8.While perform Recovery Process getting the error "JAI_RGM_ACTION_CHK", How to resolve this?

The cause of the error is either of following is not provided:
- Tax Invoice Number
- Tax Invoice Date
- Action
Please provide the Tax Invoice number, Tax invoice date and Action as "Recover". Once done populate the details on lines. Select the line for which you want to process recovery and then click on Process button.


9.While Performing Receipt "Recoverable Flag" is not checked. How to resolve the same?

Following conditions will make the recoverable flag checked:
     1. Tax should be recoverable
     2. Item classification should be defined
     3. Intended use should be selected in Tools > India Tax Details form
     4. Claim Term Definition should be in place
Please check all the above point the issue should get resolved.


10.India Program to Generate 3rd party invoices not creating Third party invoices?

In GST Architecture the concurrent India Program to Generate 3rd party invoices is obsoleted. In GST when ever a receipt is having third party tax then post completion of Receiving Transaction Processor successfully concurrent "Third party Invoices - Payables open interface Import (Payables Open Interface Import)" will auto trigger and create third party invoice.


11.What are the points to be validated if Third Party Invoice is not getting generated?

1. Third party Registration must be done for third party vendor
2. The PO/Receipt should contain that vendor and vendor site.


12.How to avoid Error: ORA-20001: APP--20110: Encountered the error in trigger JAI_RCV_RT_ARI_T1, while Receiving Transactions (RVCTP)?

Once the receipt is created, make sure that the "Confirm Taxes" is checked before performing the Receive Transactions


13.Delivery Accounting not happened for non recoverable tax. What can be the cause?

In case of Organization having costing method as "Average" and Purchase order destination is inventory then as per intended behavior application will not generate accounting for non recoverable tax. In average costing organization we update non recoverable tax to Costing Interface tables so that the item cost can be updated. Delivery Accounting will happen only in below cases:
- When the costing method is Standard for the organization where receipt is created
- When the destination type is Expense in Purchase Order and costing method is average.


14.From where the AP Accrual Account or Expense AP Accrual Account will be picked in Receipt Accounting?

AP Accrual or Expense AP Accrual will be picked from Organization Parameter form 


15. Line Details not available in Requisition, Quotation, Purchase Order > Tools India Tax Details. How to resolve it?

The cause of the issue is Common configuration setup is not performed for the operating unit where requisition or quotation or purchase order is created. Post performing the setup the line will be available.


16. For the manual AP invoices, observed that the recoverable check box is not getting enabled. Pl advise, how to enable the tax recoverability for the manual AP invoices:

For the manual AP invoices, following should be the criteria for enabling the Recovery mechanism: 
1. Tax type code and tax rate code should be recoverable
2. Define claim terms. In the Claim terms definition, do not give any value for 'Item Classification' and 'Recovery Account' fields. Select a valid value for the field 'Intended Use'. The same value should be used in India Tax details when the manual AP invoice is created.
3. In the AP Invoice workbench->India tax details form, user should ensure to select the values for 'Inventory Organization', 'Location' and Intended use' fields.
4. Attach the relevant applicable tax rate code.
6. Check afresh.

17. It is observed that system is not showing the 'Bill From' and 'Bill To' values in the Tax Rules Definition form for the TDB. It is showing ONLY 'Ship From' and 'Ship To' values.Please clarify

Following is the clarification for the reported issue:
1. Please be informed that per the Scope of the OFI-GST functionality, it is an intended behaior that the system shows only 'Ship From' and 'Ship To'.
2. Also, to inform,,, as the GST tax applicability depends on the combination of 'First Party Jurisdiction', 'Third Party Jurisdiction' and 'Item Being transacted', user can define the rules with the following combination:
2.1. First Party Reporting Code.
2.2. Customer Reporting Code / Supplier Reporting Code.
2.3. Item Classification.
The above combination should be able to help you out to map the requirements of 'INTRASTATE' or INTER STATE' tax applicability.

18. TDS Details form is not getting opened from AP Invoices workbench. It is throwing the error message "Please check Third party registration of current supplier and complete calendar setup of withholding tax regime".Please. clarify.

Please ensure that the First Party Registration setup is done with the Primary Registration Name = TAN Number.Test afresh

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