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Oracle Gap Analysis

  • Key Flex fields
1.   Job – a generic role within a company which is independent of any single organization
What job titles are used? Are job codes associated with the titles?  Please provide a listing of all applicable information regarding job titles.
(Director, Manager, Professional, Clerical, Skilled; 1001-Director)

2.      Position – a specific occurrence of one job, fixed within one organization
What position titles are used?  Are position codes associated with the titles?  Are positions defined to associate with single or multiple holders?  Please provide a listing of all applicable information regarding positions.
(IT Manager, Accounting Clerk I; 2010-IT Manager)

3.      Grade – component of an employee’s assignment defining their level and used to control value of their salary
 The Grade scale will be provided (table structure)
What are your grade scales and rates?  Do you calculate comparatios?  Is your mid-point a true mid-point or derived value?  Please provide a listing of all grade names with associated min, mid, and max values.
Define any progression points, if applicable. (A1, A2, B1, B2 – Hourly, Salary)

4.      People – special groups of employees in your enterprise
Do you have groups of employees eligible for different benefits or earnings types that need to be identified?  Please define each identifying the associated benefit eligibility for each.
(Unions, executives, highly comp) à N/A

5.      Cost Allocation – used to record details of employee costing associated with payroll results
What are the segments of the General Ledger Accounting number such as company, department, division, etc.?  In what segment(s) besides the liability expense accounts are payroll costs posted?

Which segments of the General Ledger accounting number are closely affiliated with the “organization”?

What cost centers are used for payroll?  Please provide the department/cost center account numbers of the GL COA where time is charged.
Check with Finance + IT to arrange a meeting with them to finalize it.
6.      Personal Analysis – used to record special personal information not included as standard information
What special information do you capture on employees not included as standard information?
(Medical, education, training)

 Education, Training
What are the different types of events employees can be scheduled to attend?
(Training, Seminar)
Training, Exhibition, Conference, Events, Business Trips, Others

What currency do you use?
(US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, AED)
  • Currencies
  • Quick Code Types & Values
What different bank account types are used? Check with Finance.
(Checking, Savings, Money Market)
  • Salary Administration Based on Grades.
  • Performance Evaluation Information (Rating Scale will be provide with the Performance Management System – PMS)
What absence categories are used?
(Medical Leave, Family Leave, Personal Leave)
Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Compassionate Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Haj Leave, Al Uddah Leave,  Examination Leave, Medical Escort Leave, Unpaid Leave, Day in Lieu Leave
What absence reasons are used?
(Birth of child, Adoption of child)
 Medical Escort (for aboard UAE), Emergency Leave (in the system we will deduct from the Annual Leave), Medical Appointment, Sick Leave, Annual Vacation
Are employees issued a unique employee ID or is their SSN used as their ID?
 Yes à ADMM#### for permanent Employee, ADMMC### for contractors
What titles are used for employees, if any?
(Mr. Mrs. Ms.)
What are the different address types used for employees?
(Home, mailing, summer, weekend)
Current Address, Home Country Address
Does your company operate on a fiscal year or calendar year?  If fiscal, what are the dates?
01/01/2013 – 31/12/2013
What budget types are tracked?  Please provide types/categories and associated values for each.
Are values assigned to represent FTEs with an employment category of part-time regular, part time temporary and/or full time temporary? (i.e., Part-time regular = .5 of full-time regular?)
 Over time is calculated as follows:-
6 working days formulation à basic salary * 12/ 2080
5 working days formulation à basic salary * 12/ 2496
Are position/title budgets used by your company?  Is reporting done on planned vs. actual for analysis?  By dollars? By position/title?
 Yes it is budgeted.
Are position/titles managed by FTEs (full-time equivalents)?
What types of contacts are tracked?
(Employee, spouse, children, emergency, dependents)
Does your company employ and identify ex-patriot employee types?  Third Party Nationals?  If so, do you maintain in your HRIS?  Please provide a list of countries where ex-patriots and/or Third Party Nationals maintain their residence.  Also, please include a sample address style for each country represented.
Is information regarding contractor/vendor personnel maintained in your HRIS?  Do these “external” person types need access as users of the system?  Do they use the same positions and/or job names, labor costing, labor/time recording, etc., as your employees?  If no, please provide naming conventions used.
 Contractor can be considered as one of the employment type in the system.
What PayMIX batch control totals do you use? This will be used for batch entry of benefit and deduction information.  This will be a batch type used to total information to validate totals against a known amount. (Bonus amount, hours entered on time cards)
What reasons are used for changes in employee status?
(Terminated, Transferred, Promotion)
 What sub-reasons are used for changes in employee status?
(Voluntarily, Involuntary, Requested)
What employee categories are used?
(Full-time Regular, Fulltime-Temporary, Part-time-Regular)
 Permanent, Contractor, Third Party
What different types of interviews are used for employees?
(Phone 1, Phone 2, In Person 1, In person 2, Management)
 Face to Face Interview, Tele Interview, Video Interview (Online / Virtual)
What different ethnic origins are tracked?
(White, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian)
Do you maintain a written employee performance measurement policy?  If so, please provide a copy.
 Check HR Policies & Procedures à Performance Management System Section
Are job evaluation methods and industry compensation surveys used to perform/maintain job evaluations and to determine rates of pay?
 This exercise is outsourced since we have no system.
Does your system support automatic job step progression processing?  Does your company require that functionality? If available it would be an advantage.
 What systems/categories are used for job evaluations?  Is it interfaced - - From, To, Both?
(White collar internal, labor, HAY)
What units are used in the evaluation system?
(Points, percent, grade)
 Does your company provide non-traditional types of pay strategies such as Pay for Performance, Team Based Pay, Pay for Knowledge?  Gain-sharing Incentive Plans based on operational and productivity improvements?  If so, please provide documents defining the details of the plan(s).
What frequencies are used?
(Per week, per month)
 What reasons are tracked for employees that terminate?
(Took another job, disgruntled)
·              Resignation
·             Termination for Redundancy
·             Termination on Medical Grounds
·             Completion of Fixed-Term Contract
·             Termination of Age-Retirement
·             Death
·             Termination at the Request of Government Authority
What marital statuses are tracked for employees?
(Married, Single, Divorced)
 Are nationalities tracked for employees?  If so, specify.
(American, French, Canadian)
 All Nationalities à (we have a mix of nationalities within ADMM).
What organization types are used?
(Division, Department, Section, business unit, cost center)
 Can employees hold multiple positions/titles and/or jobs? 
Yes for certain period.
  • Define Locations
  • Define Business Group
  • Define Organizations
  • Define Reporting Groups
What geographic locations and addresses are used internally for office work sites/locations?  Please provide full address details and at least one phone number for each.
(Home office, regional offices, any work place with an address)
  • Define Organization Hierarchies
For each work location site defined above, are shipments received and/or inventory maintained on site?  If yes, please specify.
 Yas Island:-
1.      HQ Building
2.      Operations
3.      Yas Central

Other than for payroll processing, what reasons are required for employees’ work locations (where they report for duty each day) to be associated with them?  If their name is on a purchase order, where would the inventory ship to if they worked out of their home?

 Please define your company’s legal structure as well as individual business organizations represented by this structure.  For each organization identified as a GRE, provide the following information:
  • EIN (Federal Tax ID)
  • Federal Tax Rules
  • Local Tax Rules
  • State Tax Rules
  • Parameters for NACHA reporting
  • New Hire Reporting Information
  • VETS 100 Report Filing Information
  • W2 Reporting Rules
  • EEO-1 Report Filing Information

 We only use pension for UAE nationals.
Who is the contact person for information regarding the company’s EINs and SUIs.
(Name, work address, phone number)
Is consolidated reporting required?  At what level(s) is the data consolidated?  Please specify.
Please provide total number of employees  associated with each EIN if more than one has been defined.
Do you also maintain a separate, not necessarily legally defined, organization structure identifying reporting relationships (i.e., dotted line or special projects)? If so, please provide a copy in Org Chart format or Excel.
How often does your company reorganize and to what complexity are the “normal” reorganizations?  How often are mass changes made in positions/titles and/or mass moves made from cost center to cost center?
How does the company file EEO-1 reports?  Please provide a copy of your latest EEO-1 filing.  Are they filed electronically?
(Consolidated, Headquarters, Establishment)
What is the Company Work Schedule?
(M-F, 8:00 – 5:00)
 Starting 7:30 – 8:30
Closing 5:30
What are the reporting hierarchies for jobs/positions?  Do you maintain organization charts for jobs/positions?  If so, please provide a copy.
This will be provided at a later stage since currently its pending for restructuring.
 What system is currently being used to pay payroll?
Please provide a copy of the file layouts in the current system.
  • Define Payment Methods
  • Define Consolidation Set à (Final Settlement) we will provide you with an excel sheet for EOS.
Please describe all interfaces to the current payroll system.
  • Define Payroll Groups
  • Define Input Value Validation
  • Define Salary Bases
What payment methods are used for payroll?
(direct deposit, check)
  • Define Comp & Benefits for Information
  • Define Earnings & Deductions for Payroll Processing
Please indicate the number and types of “payrolls” your company processes.
(monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly)
 What salary bases are used?
(Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annual, hourly)
 Are pay changes effective as of the effective date of the change, start of the pay period, etc.?  Please specify.
 How many employees will be paid with Oracle Payroll? 
 All Active Permanent Employees
Is pay affected by any Union contracts?
Is pay directly affected by grade?
Do employees work and report time in more than one cost center?  If so, is the time worked in each department based on a percentage of time? Based on actual time reported? Both?  Would they hold a different job/position when working in different departments?
Are projects and labor costs tracked by using average or fixed hours assigned to a cost center? Actual hours worked and submitted through time entry?  Please provide your current valid labor expense account numbers for each method used.
What groupings are used to consolidate payrolls?
(Salaried and hourly consolidated for reporting, different set for each GRE)
How do you collect time for payroll? Time cards?  Timesheets? Is it interfaced? From -–To – Both?
 To be discussed.
What are the earnings types and their eligibility criteria?
(Salary, wages, bonuses)
 And a list of allowances which will be provided in the payroll sheet
What categories are used for earnings classification?
(Overtime, pension, regular, shift)
 What imputed earnings categories are used?
(Group Term Life Insurance, Company Car)
 Life Insurance (for employee himself only), Medical Insurance (Form Employee and his dependents, a wife and max of 3 children), Housing Loans
Does your company use shift differentials?  If so, provide information for each one.
What supplemental earnings categories are used?
(Awards, Bonuses, Commissions)
 What voluntary deduction categories are used?
(Credit Union, United Way)
What involuntary deduction reasons are used?
(Alimony, Bankruptcy Order, Child Support)
How does your company handle Child Support and Creditor Garnishments?  Do you collect fees from employees who have garnishments?
What local filing statuses are used for employees?
(Single, Married Filing Jointly)
What state filing statuses are used for employees?
(Single, Married Filing Jointly)
What payment classifications are used for non-payroll payments?
Is your 401k file transmitted to a TPA?
Is your payroll system interfaced to a General Ledger?  From – to – both?
To be discussed with Finance.
      Carriers
      Plans
What are all of the benefit plans and their eligibility? Please provide a list.  Do your benefit options vary by locations?  If so, please indicate.
(Health, life, PTO, retirement, after 90 days)
      Contributions
      Links
Do you produce personalized enrollment/election and confirmation statements internally or are they provided by a TPA?
When is your open enrollment period(s)?
(mm-dd through mm-dd)
Do you have “default” benefit enrollment in the event an employee does not make a benefit election?
Please provide a copy of each of your benefit plan SPDs, and company policies governing these plans.  If unavailable, provide a document defining each plan and specifying its processing requirements.
What is your benefit plan year?  Does this vary by plan option (i.e., does your 401k have a different plan year than does your medical)?  Please specify.
Are benefit plans maintained in-house or outsourced?  Interfaced? From – to – both?
Do you internally administer Section 125 and 415 testing or is it done by TPA?
Are statements generated internally for employees defining their fund earnings, balances, and account activity or is it done by TPA?
Are non-employees (vendors/contractors) maintained in your benefit system?
Please provide names of benefit carriers along with pertinent information, i.e., complete address and contact information.
What benefit coverage’s are provided?
(Employee only, employee plus one, employee and family.)
 Life Insurance (for employee himself only),
Medical Insurance (Form Employee and his dependents, a wife and max of 3 children)
Please provide the employer/employee contributions for each plan.
(Employee - $50 employee/$75 employer)
Is there an Employer contribution portion of the 401k plan?  How much?  Maximum?  Do you track employee allocations to the 401k plan by fund?
Are positions/jobs defined for specific compensation and/or benefit eligibility?  If so, please provide specific information.
Is COBRA administered in-house or outsourced?
Interfaced? From – to – both?
What reasons are used to indicate COBRA status?
(Awaiting Notification, Notified)
What reasons are used for COBRA termination?
(End of coverage, non-payment)
  • Define Person Types
  • Define Assignment Statuses
What person types are maintained in your current HRIS?  Please indicate the total number of employees associated with each type.
  • Total Active Employees
    • Salaried
    • Hourly
    • Leave of Absence
  • Total Inactive Employees
    • Terminated Employees
    • Retirees
    • COBRAs
    • Contractors/Vendors

What assignment statuses are used for employees?
(Active, Terminated, Suspended, LOA)
 Do you use purchased software for applicant tracking or is it part of your HRIS?  Name of software?
  • Requisition Process  à we have a certain form for Manpower purposes.
  • Applicant Statuses à we have our own e-recruitment website.
  • Recruiting Activities à we have our own Excel sheet to track down our recruitment activities.
What event(s) triggers requisitions in your organization?  What information regarding requisitions is maintained, i.e., date, open/closed, requisition number, etc.
On average, how many requisitions are processed by your company each year?
Specify the details of pertinent information involved in the approval process, i.e., from screening applicants to their start date.
What types of recruitment activities are used by your company?  Are statistics tracked?  Do you track the recruiting costs?
(Newspaper, college, agency, fairs)
 Career Fairs / Exhibitions, Job Expo in Universities and colleges, Recruitment Agencies, Direct Hires, and Employees Reference
What statuses are given to vacant positions?
(Authorized, advertised)
Vacant, Filled
How many applicants, on average, are processed in your company in a year?
What is your corporate definition of an applicant?  When is information entered into the applicant tracking system?
Tracking system is not available
(all resumes and applications whether solicited or unsolicited)
Does your company differentiate between outside applicant information to the internal applicants for analysis and reporting?
What reasons are used for changes to applicant assignments?
(Declined, took other offer, hired)
 What information is tracked from the application or resume?
 Name, Mobile Number
Is applicant testing information tracked, i.e., test type, disposition/title, date, pass/fail?
Additional reasons for applicant assignments?
(Declined, hired)
 What event types are used for applicants?
(Hired, interviewed, offer made)
 What interview types are used for applicants?
(First-second-phone interview)
 Face to Face Interview, Tele Interview, Video Interview (Online / Virtual)
What reasons are used for terminating applications?
(Failed test, failed interview)
  Please provide a copy of your employment application as well as all forms used in your employment hiring processes.
Employment application will be provided.

Has your company defined core competencies?  If so, please provide competence types, rating scales, individual competencies, and requirements.
  • Competencies
      Types
      Rating Scales
      Individual Competencies
      Requirements
Does your company use competence-based assessments and/or appraisal questionnaires?  If so, please provide copies.
  • Assessment & Appraisal Templates
  • Career & Succession Planning
If skills are required for each job/position, please define.
(Manager = degree, skills, length of work experience)

If career paths are used for jobs/positions, please define.
Do you have an automated module for administration of career planning information such as career interests, career development activities, potential and relocation preferences?
Competency Model + Performance Management Form will be provided.
 To be discussed with Feras.
  • New Hire Reporting

  • Workers’ Compensation Info

Please provide the name of your Workers Compensation carriers for each state in which you have employees working.  Also provide WC codes and rate information for each state.
(Name of company, address, phone, contact name.)
  • Absence Management

Do you submit New Hire Reports?  Please provide name of contact person.
  • HR Budgets

  • Evaluation Systems
What statuses are used on requested ADA accommodations?
(Approved, denied, requested)

How is OSHA reporting handled?
Interfaced? From – to – both?

Do you record/maintain incident information such as how the accident/injury occurred, notification information, severity, etc.?

Do you record/maintain incident investigation information such as cause, investigation dates, etc.?

Do you record/maintain illness/injury information such as lost work days, body part injured, restrictions, physician/hospital?

Do you record/maintain employee restriction data or administer a work duty program?

Is your organization required to generate EEO-4 and EEO-6 reports?

Is the company required to report and file VETS-100 annually?  Is it transmitted electronically?

Do you generate CEER reports (Canadian Employment Equity Reports)?  Are they transmitted electronically?

Are you required to do Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) reporting annually? What is the breakdown used (division, dept)? Is it part of your HRIS system?  Interfaced – from – to – both?

What Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual and/or PTO plan categories are used?
(Vacation, sick)

If Accrual Plans, specify eligibility and start rules.
(Beginning of year,  six months after hire)

Does your company accept or participate in external compensation survey programs?  Is the date imported to your current system?  How is it used? If processed manually, how is the data used?

Is your salary administration interfaced with an employee performance (appraisal) system?  If yes, what data does the system require?

Does your company have an automated Executive Compensation System? Is it part of your current HRIS?  Please provide specifics.

Does your company have a Deferred Compensation Plan?  Is it part of your current HRIS? Maintained by TPA?  Interfaced  - To – From – Both?  Please provide a process flow of plan as well as a copy of plan document.

What budgetary calendars are used for HR staffing budgets?
(Calendar year, fiscal year, other)

Define the types of budgets used for HR.
(Headcount, FTE)

What are the valid grades (if applicable) for each job/position?
(Manager = C1, C2, Clerical = E1, E2)

What reports are currently used?  Please provide a sample page of all reports currently used and required from Oracle HRMS.
Define & Register Reports & Report Sets
Who is currently responsible for creating or changing reports?
Create standard letters used for HR functions
Are standard letters used in recruiting activities?  If so, please provide a copy of each letter used.
(Acknowledgement letters, letters of denial)
Samples of all reports and letters will be provided (Arabic / English)
 This Section is related to IT à Alia Al Marzooqi.

Are core Human Resources processes centralized or decentralized?  Please list by category each process as well as where it is processed.
  • Define Users
  • Define Security
  • Create & register Ids
  • Form Customization
  • Menu and menu functions
At what levels do you currently secure users?
(Company, organization, field)
  • Define Responsibilities
  • Define Application Users
  • Define HR User Profile Options

What responsibilities/duties for each position and/or job in Human Resource have been defined and to what level?
(HR specialist: data entry and benefits admin)

What responsibilities/duties for each position and/or job in Payroll have been defined and to what level?
(Staff: data entry)

What responsibilities/duties for each position and/or job have been defined in Training?
(Staff: data entry)

Please provide the user names and responsibilities in HR.
(John Doe = HR Specialist)

Please provide the user names and responsibilities in Payroll.
(Jan Doe = Staff)

Please provide the user names and responsibilities in Training.
(Mary Doe = Trainer)
Please provide a copy of your Employee Handbook.

Does your company currently maintain Process Models identifying all HR activities and processes with definition of business terms and data flow.  If so, please provide copies of same.

Will historical information be converted?  What data will be converted, from what date, and from what source(s)?

On what type of printers do you run Human Resources reports (including checks, purchase orders, etc.)?  Where are they located?

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