Sunday, January 15, 2017

$FLEX$ and $PROFILES$ Details

What is $FLEX$ and $PROFILES$?
$FLEX$ and $PROFILES$ are Special Variables in oracle Apps environment and are used to hold values at runtime.
Every Oracle Apps technical consultant will be familiar with the term $FLEX$ and $PROFILES$. Whenever we are working with value sets, we will be using both of these for modifying the data fetched, for basing the values of a parameter on the other parameter and also fetching the Profile Option values.
To segregate this based on the functionality

$FLEX$: Used for basing the value of a parameter on another parameter.
$PROFILES$: used for fetching the data stored in the specified profile option value which is currently active.

Where is it used?
Both these variables are used in the Parameter form of a Concurrent Program and are used at the Where Clause window in the value set of Table type.

  • $FLEX$ must always be in capitals.
  • A ‘:’ must precede the declaration of $FLEX$.
  • The previous value set name must have already been assigned and saved on a different parameter.

  • $PROFILES$ must be always in capitals.
  • ‘:’ must always precede the declaration.
  • Profile option name is the Profile Name and not to be confused with the User profile Name.

Some use of the Special Variables are as below:


Created an Executable and a concurrent program which is registered in the Application Object Library. The Query for the report is as below:

SELECT e.ename, e.empno, e.sal, e.hiredate, e.deptno, d.dname, d.loc
FROM emp e, dept d
WHERE d.deptno = :x_deptno;
The name of the concurrent program is taken as “XX_Checking_flex_and_profile_use” 

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