Saturday, December 10, 2016

Oracle Materials Resource Planning

Script: CrtForcstMtpln - Create Forecast and Material Plan
Login: MFG/welcome
Responsibility: Manufacturing Manager

Task: Create a Forecast Set, Forecast and Forecast Entry Actions:
1.         Navigate: Material Planning/Forecast/Sets
Select Organization: M1, Seattle Manufacturing
(NOTE: Specific Items used in this test refer to Vision seeded data.)
2.         Enter:
Forecast Set: FSTEST
Description: MRP FSTEST
Forecast: FTEST1
Description: forecast items
3.         Click Forecast Items.
4.         Click the List of Values icon.
5.         Enter % and click OK
6.         Select item AT23808
7.         Click Details.
8.         Enter:
Bucket: Weeks
Date: press List of Values icon and double click on a day displayed in the Calendar
Current quantity: 1003
9.         Click Save icon.
10.       Close the Forecast forms by pressing F4.

1.         Forecast Items form displays when click Forecast Items button.
2.         Enter Reduction Criteria for Long_List when Click the List of Values icon.
3.         System Items form displays when Enter % and click OK.
4.         System Items form closes and focus returns to Forecast Items form when Select item AT23808.
5.         Forecast Entries form displays when click Details button.
6.         Date should populate to Forecast Entries form in Date field
7.         Original field should display same quantity
8.         Forecast record saves when click Save icon.
9.         Forecast form closes and focus returns to Navigator when press F4.

Responsibility: Manufacturing Manager
Task: Create a Material Requirement Plan
1.         Navigate: Material Planning/MRP/Names
2.         Select Organization: M1, Seattle Manufacturing
3.         Place cursor in one of the displayed rows
4.         Select File/New.
5.         Enter:
Description: MRP TEST
6.         Click Options.
7.         Enter Schedule MDS-M1-PRD
8.         Click Save icon.
9.         Close the Plan Options form by using the “x” box
10.       Close the MRP Names form by using F4

1.         Blank row created when select File/New.
2.         Plan Options form displays when click Options button.
3.         MRP record saved when click Save icon.
4.         Focus returns to the MRP Names form when close the Plan Options form.

5.         MRP Names form closes and focus returns to the navigator when press F4.

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