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Oracle Order Management Interview Questions and Answers (FAQS)

1. What are the available types of configurations?
ATO Model - Assemble-To-Order Configuration
Model bill of material with optional items and options selection rules (mutually exclusive/mandatory).
Configuration manufactured from included items and selected options.

Standard Assemble-To-Order Items - ATO Item
Standard Bill of Material with mandatory standard components.
Item manufactured from mandatory standard components.

PTO Model - Pick-To-Order Configurations
Model Bill of Material with optional items and option selection rules
Pick Slip used to kit included items and selected options.

KIT (PTO Item)
Standard Bill of Material with mandatory included items.
Pick Slip used to kit included items.

Pick-To-Order model with optional Assemble-To-Order items.
Pick-To-Order model containing Assemble-To-Order model.

2. What are the item attributes that effect configurations?
BOM Item Type (BOM alternate region)
Pick Components (Order Entry alternate region)
Assemble To Order (Order Entry alternate region)
ATP Components (Order Entry alternate region)
Ship Model Complete (Order Entry alternate region)
Check ATP (Order Entry alternate region)
OE Transactable (Order Entry alternate region)

3. Can I cancel a configuration?
A configuration can be cancelled any time during the order fulfillment process. But the scheduling actions (reserve/demand) need to be removed before canceling.

4. How do I make changes to the Sales Order after a configuration has been created?
First, the sales order needs to be unassigned from the configuration.
Second, the sales order assigned to the work order in WIP needs to be cancelled.
Third, the changes can now be made to the sales order.
And fourth, the link between the sales order and work order needs to be reestablished to further process the order.

5. How do I make changes after a Final Assembly Order has been opened?
No changes can be made after the final assembly order has opened. To make
any changes the whole order line has to be pick released, and backordered.

6. Why don't my changes to a Bill of Materials (BOM) reflect on the Configuration screen?
Any changes made to the BOM (i.e. adding new options), should be automatically reflected in the Configurator screen, if they are not then run the BOM Pre-explode Configurations program (OE Superuser Reponsibility>Bills>Pre-explode). This will explode all the Bills and update the table BOM_EXPLOSIONS.

7. How can I internally order a configuration?
Configurations cannot be ordered internally (i.e. they cannot be used on internal orders from Purchasing).

8. Why does the Selling Price on the Sales Order screen only display the model price and not include the options?
This is functionality. The combined model and options total will be displayed on the line total field at the bottom of the form.

9. How do I do an RMA on a configuration?
RMA of configurations can only be done when referencing a Sales Order number or an Invoice.

10. How do I delink a work order from a sales order?
a. (N) WIP: Discrete-> Discrete Jobs
b. Query the Assembly.
c. Click on the Button labeled Sales Order.
d. Delete the sales order line and commit.

11. When does change to BOM affect the ATO configuration?
ATO configuration will not be affected until the BOM_EXPLOSIONS table is loaded since this table contains permanent explosions of all model bills for use by Order Entry/Shipping.

12. Can I delete an ATO order line once order is booked?
No, you can only cancel the ATO order line once the order is booked.

13. When does change to BOM affect the ATO configuration?
ATO configuration will not be affected until the BOM_EXPLOSIONS table is loaded since this table contains permanent explosions of all model bills for use by Order Entry/Shipping.

14. You cancelled an ATO order but demand has NOT been released?
Scenario: You have a single line ATO sales order that a discrete job was created for. You realized that this single line was entered incorrectly; therefore, You go to Order Entry and cancel this line and add a new one.
You then went to Inventory and found out that demand for the original line
had not been released.

If this is a 10.7 environment, please run incdpg.sql (located under $INV_TOP/sql directory) and then apply Patch 354306.

For Rel. 11 environment, incdpg.sql should be run followed by Patch 735666.

15. When running the Autocreate Final Assembly Order program, there is a parameter called Load Type which offers three values:
- Configured items only
- Both configured and non-configured items
- Non-configured items only
Why would the system pick up non-configured items?

The first option is used for items created from a model and options using the Autocreate Configuration Items program in BOM.

The second option is the default and used to create work order from Sales Orders for both configuration and non-configuration items.

The third option is used for non-configuration items such as, items where you have a standard part but which you do not build until you receive a sales order. BOM autocreate configuration is required for ATO model - not ATO item.

16. I would like to pick release even before I have inventory to give advance notice to the warehouse to schedule shipping trucks and plan shipping activity. Can we do this?
Oracle will not allow this. Playing with the reservation profile option and are able to generate a pick slip for the Full Quanity with the option set to NO. OE: Reservation must be set to Yes for ATO items/models to work.
If you have OE: Reservations set to YES then pick release will reserve any quantities that appear on a pick slip. You can only reserve quantities that are in stock and available, so it will only print on the pick slip quantities that are in stock and available. If you have OE: Reservations set to NO then pick release does not attempt to reserve. So all eligible items will print on the pick slip irrespective of whether there is stock or not. The validation will occur when records are inserted into the mtl_transactions_interface and fail if pick release picks up lines with no onhand qty. Note that you cannot safely change the profile value while there are outstanding sal

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