Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Check Digit Validation For Routing Transit Number

Please use and follow the validation rule for the branch number, account number for the country United stated, this validation is mentioned in oracle Cash management, 

Validation rule to consider while setting the above (bank account, branch number) for country United States are as below:

The fields are checked for validity by adopting the following rules:

Field Rules:
Bank Number • No validation.

Branch Number • This field is labelled as 'Routing Transit Number'.
  • Length should be a maximum of 9 numeric characters.
  • If the length is less than 9, then it is converted to a 9 digit number by prefixing it with as many leading zeroes as is necessary.
  Note that on padding the number to 9 digits, the first 8 digits cannot be all zeroes.

For example, 001 and 000007 are invalid Routing Transit
Numbers because on padding to 9 digits, they become -
000000001, 000000007, and thus having 8 leading zeroes.

• A check algorithm is applied on the Routing Transit Number.

Account Number • No validation.
Check Digit • No validation.

Check Algorithm for Routing Transit Number
1. The ninth digit of the Number field is used to represent the Check Digit.
2. A calculated Check Digit is computed from the remaining 8 digits using Modulus10 algorithm.
3. Multiply each digit in the Routing Transit Number by a weighting factor. The
weighting factors for each digit areas given in the following table:

Digit Factor
1st 3
2nd 7
3rd 1
4th 3
5th 7
6th 1
7th 3
8th 7

4. The digits of the Routing Transit Number are multiplied by the associated factor.
The computed sum is then calculated by summing the totals.
5. Subtract the sum from the next highest multiple of 10. The result is the calculated
Check Digit. This should be the same as the 9th digit of the Branch Number or
Routing Transit Number, else the Branch Number or Routing Transit Number is

For Example:
Digit Value Factor Result
1st 0 3 0
2nd 7 7 49
3rd 6 1 6
4th 4 3 12
5th 0 7 0
6th 1 1 1
7th 2 3 6
8th 5 7 35

So the Check Digit = 1 (110 minus 109)
In this example, the Routing Transit Number '076401251' will pass validation.

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