Sunday, March 20, 2016

AR - How do I authorise credit memos?

All credit memos must be approved by an authorised signatory. This must not be the same person who raises the credit memos.

  1. Use the ‘AR Credit Memo Auth Clerk (UOM)’ responsibility

  2. Navigate to the ‘Transactions Summary’ window

  3. Query the transaction to complete such as, ‘Number’, ‘Bill To’ customer etc 
  1. Select the appropriate transaction

  2. Click ‘Open’ to open the credit memo first before you approve it, to ensure the details are correct

  3. Remember to check that the ‘Reason’ field has been populated by looking on the ‘Reference Information’ tab

  1. Click ‘Complete’ – completing the credit memo is the same as authorising it!

  2. Inform whomever raised it, that the credit memo has now been authorised, so that it can now be applied (if necessary) and printed off

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