Sunday, February 28, 2016

How Does One Create a Web Adi Custom Integrator for Use With the HCM Product

Steps to create Web ADI Custom Integrator:

1.Check your IE ,Excel/Word Settings and Set System Profile: BNE Allow No Security Role value to "Yes",

2.Select the ‘Desktop Integration’ Responsibility

3.Click ‘Create Document’ function

4.Uncheck the Reporting Checkbox as this integrator is for uploading. Select the Viewer as Excel

5.Select the ‘HR Integrator Setup’ as the Integrator.Click "Next"

6.Select Content as "None" as we need to create the blank document for upload and Click "Next"

7.Click on "Create Document "

8.Once the spreadsheet is created, enter the following details and upload it back into the system.
Metadata Type : DOWNLOAD – to create download integrators
UPDATE – to create download / upload integrators
Application Short Name : PER
Integrator User Name : <User Defined Name for Integrator>
View Name : <User Defined View>
Form Name : Name of the Form to which the integrator is to be associated
API Package Name : API Package Name used to Upload Data (Only for UPDATE Integrators)
API Procedure Name : API Package Procedure (Only for UPDATE Integrators)
Click on Oracle -> Upload to create the integrator

9.Define a Function using System Administrator -> Application -> Function. This function will be used to restrict the Responsibilities for which a particular integrator is available.
Function = Internal Function Name
User Function Name = User Defined Function Name

10.Create the Form Function Association Document using Web ADI Menu –Desktop Integration -> Create Document
Select Integrator as "HR Maintain Integrator Form Function Associations" and repeat step 4

11.Select the application in which the integrator is defined and the Integrator User Name for the Form Function Association has to be done. Click Next to continue.

12.Click on "Create Document" and Attach the Form Function created in step 9 i.e.Internal Function Name to the Integrator in the document created in the above step and upload the same.

13.Define the Layout for the Integrator created in above steps using
Desktop Integration -> Define Layout

14.Select the integrator for which the Layout has to be defined and click Go to continue.

15.Select the columns that will be displayed and click Apply

16. Navigate to the Form which you have attached in step 8 and Click on Export Icon.

You will be able to view the Integrator.

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