Saturday, September 26, 2015

Oracle Employee Signing/Approval Limits Conversion

There is no API and other Method To Enter Signing Limits Metalink Note (171837.1)
The only option is direct insert in base table

INSERT INTO ap_web_signing_limits_all (document_type,                                       employee_id,                                       cost_center,                                       signing_limit,                                       last_update_date,                                       last_updated_by,                                       last_update_login,                                       creation_date,                                       created_by,                                       org_id)     VALUES ('APEXP',             123,             r1.cost_centre,             l_sup_amt,             SYSDATE,             gl_user_id,             gl_login_id,             SYSDATE,             gl_user_id,

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