Saturday, September 26, 2015

Define layout for custom WEBADI Integrator

1.  Add the HR Integrator Setup Form function to Desktop Integration Menu
     System Administrator Responsibility => Application => Menu
    Query for User Menu Name: "Desktop Integration Menu"
    Add the "HR ADI Seeded Integrator" submenu to the Menu and compile the menu.
2.  Create Custom Integrator
     Desktop Integration Responsibility => Create Document => Select HR Integrator Setup and create the integrator.
3. Create a custom Form function
    System administrator Responsibility => Application => Function
4. Add the custom form function to the Desktop Integration menu
    Verify that the form function is attached to the menu using the query:
    select * From fnd_menus
    where menu_id in (
                    select menu_id from fnd_compiled_menu_functions where   function_id = <FUNCTION_ID> )
If no data is returned even though menu compilation is successful, submit the Concurrent program "Compile Security" with parameter "Everything = Yes" using System Administrator responsibility.

then reexecute the above query. 
5. Associate the form function to the custom integrator
    Desktop Integration Responsibility => Create Document => Choose HR Maintain Integrator Form Function Associations
Useful Queries for custom integrator and form function :

1. select * from bne_integrators_tl where user_name = '<INTEGRATOR_USER_NAME>'

2. select * from bne_secured_objects where object_code like '<INTEGRATOR_CODE>' -- INTEGRATOR_CODE from the above query

3. select * from bne_security_rules where SECURITY_CODE = '<SECURITY_RULE_CODE>' -- SECURITY_RULE_CODE from the above query

4. select * From fnd_form_functions where function_name like '<SECURITY_VALUE>' -- SECURITY_VALUE from the above query

5. select * From fnd_menus where menu_id in (select menu_id from fnd_compiled_menu_functions where function_id = <FUNCTION_ID> ) -- FUNCTION_ID from the above query 

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