Thursday, April 9, 2015

Oracle 11i & R12 Comparisons

Sr No


Multi Org Access Control

No Multi Org Access Control Option in 11i.

Multi Org Access Control Option is available in r12.
Role base access to OU – perform multiple tasks across OU without changing responsibilities.


Sub-Ledger Accounting Method

No Sub-Ledger Accounting Method Option Available in 11i.

Sub-Ledger Accounting Method is available in r12.
Enhance Global Accounting engine by providing customizable accounting rules via Flexible & robust accounting rules set up.


Primary Elements

3 C’s – Calendar, Currency, Chart of Accounts.

4 C’s – Calendar, Currency, Chart of Account, Conventions.
This 4th C allows you to assign and manage a specific accounting method for each ledger. Therefore, when a legal entity is subject to multiple reporting requirements, separate ledgers can be used to record the accounting information.


Ledger Sets
In 11i there is SOB – Set of Book for Accounting.
In r12 there is Ledger creation for Accounting.
No Need to change Responsibilities to Access data in different ledger.

Global Intercompany Systems
In 11i there is no Global Intercompany Systems.

Intercompany Balancing, Invoicing & Reconciliation.


Centralized Banking
In 11i Bank Account associated with Operating Unit,
In r12 Bank Account associated with Legal Entity, Single bank account serves multiple OU’s.
Centralized Internal Bank Account Model, Bank Account Transfer, cash Pooling, Cash Positioning Intra-Day activity, Single Payment activity.


In 11i User determines tax by assigning Tax Codes,
Tax Rules in Code, Global Descriptive flexfields  for country –specific tax attributes, Granular setup at OU level.
In r12 e-BTax determines tax based on facts about each transaction, Tax Rules you can see, Tax attributes collected in field on Key entities.
Configure tax rule once per regime and share with your LE’s.
Centralized Tax Record Repository for Audit & Reporting, Single Set for all Oracle Applications, Improve Reporting, Facilitate Compliance , Improve    auditability.

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