Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oracle R12 Cash Management

      Create Responsibility:
    Cash Management Setup:
      Setup àSystem à System parameters
Clear – Unclear Transactions:
Bank Statements à Manual Clearing à Clear Transactions
Select the transaction to be Cleared the Press Clear Transaction:
Also you can use default date for Reconciliation:
If you want to unclear Transactions you have already cleared:
Navigate: Bank statements à Manual Clearing à Unclear Transactions
Bank Statement Reconciliation:
Bank Statements à Bank Statement and Reconciliation 
Press Available to Select Transactions:
Clear Payments and Receipts and Journals:
Notice the Change in the Bank Statement Lines  then Check the Complete Checkbox:
If you want to Cancel a reconciled by mistake payment or receipt:
Press Reconciled then select it and press unreconcile
Then Press Lines to delete the unreconciled Payment:
Create Payments – Receipts – Miscellaneous:
Pres Lines then enter line info and Press Create:
The Payment Window will open , Enter Payment Info then Navigate back to Cash management an reconcile it:
Create a Receipt:
Enter Receipt info  and Navigate back to Cash Management to Reconcile it:
Create Negative Misc. Receipts to Reconcile bank Charges or Positive amounts to add interest Earnings:
Select whether to Reconcile at one or no:
Bank transfers:
1-Enable Intra - Company Balancing and Define Balancing Rule
2- Two Bank Accounts required to perform a Transfer
Define Transaction Subtype:
Setup à System à Transaction Subtype
Define Payment Template (Optional):
Setup à System à Payment Template
Create a Bank Transfer:
View Transfer Information:
Navigate to Bank Statement Reconciliation or Manual Clearing Window to Reconcile the Transfer in Both Banks:
Submit the Create Accounting Program with Transfer to GL set to Yes and Query the Transfer Journal in General ledger:
Cash Forecasting:
Create Cash forecast Template:
Start Entering Cash Forecast Rows:
Define Cash forecast Columns:
Run Cash Forecast Request:
Reviw Request  output:
Navigate to Cash Forecast Window and review the Forecast Data:
Cash Positioning:
Create Cash position Worksheet:
View Cash Position:
Press on Customer Receipts – Supplier Payments to view Details:
Cash Management Reports
Bank Statement Detail Report Bank Statement Summary Report
Cash in Transit Report Cleared Transactions Report
Transactions Available for Reconciliation Report Bank Account Balance Single Date Report
Bank Account Balance Range Day Report Cash Forecast Report

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