Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to create the Dependent and independent values set and how to fetch the relevant details list from parameter 1 to parameter2

Eg ; Requirement is parameter1 contains Department values,parameter2 list suppose to retrieve the
Employee details list, which is related to parameter1. How ever parameter2 shows who are all working in particular department.
Navigation : system admin à Application à validation à set        
Step 1 : let we create the independent value set. Value set name is : xx_test_department
After Save
Step 2 : create a values for above value set : xx_test_department
Navigation : system admin à Application à validation à values       
after click on find button you will get another pop up screen,in which you can include all the values.
Step 3 : enter your values for your department.after save  (Compile value set hierarchies ) concurrent
Will run automatically.
Till now we have created independent value set.. Now we will go for dependent value set.
Step 4 : Create the dependent value set. Validation type should be Dependent.
After filling all the details in the value set please click on edit information. Which is holding the independent values set information . please check the below screen shot.
Here you have to type our old independent value set. Value type your default values.
Step 5 : create a values for above dependent value set.
Navigation : system admin à Application à validation à values      
In the name if you type your depended values set .you can view independent values( Eg : 1 IT )
Once you select the value click on find button. Next screen will be popup .
This screen shown you can view list of employees or else you can include employees for future .
Till now we completed our Independent and dependent values set and there values…
Next We will go Concurrent Registration , we can check how it will work on effectively
On request submit ion, I believe that all are having idea about concurrent ,what is concurrent ..(Sorry for beginners if you don’t know concurrent )
Step 1 : Concurrent registration
Navigation : System admin -> concurrent à  program à executable
fill your concurrent executable name in above screen.
After the executable screen go to the main concurrent registration screen
Navigation ; System admin -> concurrent à  program à define.
Click on the parameters button. You will get parameter screen. Please check screen param1 I was using
Independent values set which we had been created earlier.
Please check screen param2 I was using dependent values set which we had been created earlier.
After filling parameter details click on save.
The above concurrent we have include in particular request group … the same request group you have to include to your responsibility..
Some of the screen I didn’t show here … directly I will skip to main submit request screen. You can understand the what is use of independent and dependent value sets.
Click on submit new request.
Click on ok.then select our registered concurrent program.
Param1 will show the department information. Param2 will show relevant department employees list.
Param2 will show only who are all working in IT

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