Monday, June 2, 2014

Viewer Options LOV setup for taking Text format output in 'EXCEL'

  1. While defining any concurrent program, the default output format is ‘Text’ as shown below, so the program will open the report output in browser.
<![if !vml]><![endif]>

  1. If we want to take the report output in Excel format, though the default output format is ‘Text’, then we need to do the following steps.

Go to System Administrator à  Profile à System

<![if !vml]><![endif]>

      Query for ‘Viewer%’
<![if !vml]><![endif]><![if !vml]><![endif]>

Go to Install à Viewer Options

Click on Text à Add one more line with Text and give Mime Type as ‘application/’ and description as ‘Microsoft Excel’ and check “Allow Native Client Encoding” check box and save it. This will allow us to take the Text format output either in ‘Browser’ or ‘Excel’.

For testing, run any report and view the output, Tools à Copy File, it will give the Viewer Options LOV as shown below:

Note: The above illustration is for the programs which we write in PL\SQL Program and report output format is in Text in concurrent program definition.

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