Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oracle Apps Interview FAQs

--> 1. What is the Diff between APPS Schema and other Schemas?
Apps schema contains only Synonyms we can t create tables in apps schema,where as other schemas contains tables, & all the objects. Here only we will create the tables and giving grants on created tables. Almost all every time we  will conenct to apps schema only.

--> 2. What is meant by Custom Top and what is the Purpose?
Custom Top is nothing but Customer Top, which is created for customer only. we can have multiple custom
tops based on client requirement. It is used to store developed & customized components. whenever oracle
corp appling patches it will over ride on all the modules except custom top. thats why we will use custom top.

--> 3. What is the Significancy of US Folder?
It is nothing but language specification by default it is in american language. We can have multiple languages folders  based on installed languages. from backend we can get it from
select language_code,nls_language from fnd_languages where installed_flag like 'B'
--> 4. Where did U find the Applcation short name and basepath names?
select basepath,application_short_name from fnd_application from the backend. From the from end we can get it Navigation Application Developer.-->-->-> Application-->-->>Register The application name we will get from FND_APPLICATION_TL

--> 5. Where can U find the release version from backend?
SELECT release_name from FND_PRODUCT_GROUPS; --- .
--> 6. What are the Folders we will find below the 11.5.0 Folder?
Reports,forms,sql,lib,log,out,bin,admin,html,xml,msg,def, etc
--> 7. Can we create Tables in the Apps Schema?
--> 8. Can we have custom schema when it it required?
yes, we can have custom schema, when we want to create a new table we required custom schema.
--> 9. What is meant by concurrent Program?
It is nothing but Instance of the execution along with parameters & Incompatables. Here Incompatables nothing but if we  are submiting cc programs if any one can be execute in those program , which programs r not imp yet this time we will  mention those programs in incompatables tab.

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