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Oracle Order Management Metalink IDs

OEMPRG: Need Patch for the Latest Parameters in the Message Purge Program
Order Line Fulfilled But Not Invoiced. ''''Description Is Required For Invoice Interface''''
Workflow Issues Sql With Literals For Oe_invoice_pub
Order Shipped But Not Getting Invoiced Because Of Credit Check Hold.
Trip Stop, Cost Of Goods Sold Account Generation, Ora-01403
Ship Via Not Coming Thru Autoinvoice From Interface Table
Not Passing Reference Line Attribute Values For Rma If Invoice Not Created
When Rejecting A Return With Approval Wf A Notification Is Not Being Sent
Audit History Consolidator Performance Issue when run With Blank Parameters.
Workflow Item and Workflow Activity for Seeded Hold
ORA-1403 In Package Oe_order_cache Procedure In Sales Order Form.
Using Order Flow - Generic With Header Level Invoice Causes Invoice Before Shipping
Sales Orders Service Lines Stuck Awaiting Invoice Interface-On Hold
Assign Line Flows is Disabled For Some Transaction Type
OM: Invoice Source LOV profile option values not displaying
Unable to View Audit History for Certain Additional Line Information Fields
Order Lines Remain Open That Were Fulfilled and Shipped
Any Workflow Available to Send E-mail to Customer when Order Is Booked, Shipped?
Can RETURN be performed on INTERNAL ORDERS
Transaction Type Does Not Allow Wf Assignment And Save Transaction Types
Is The Sytem Profile Om: Customer Relationships Still In Use?
Errors in opening the form OM Parameters
Activity OEOH/xxxxx has no performer.Wf_Engine_Util.Notification_Send
Orders On Credit Check Hold Doesn''T Match Outstanding Holds Report
No Access To Approvals Button In Transaction Type Form
How To Release Hold For Warehouse Hold By Item
Audit History Consolidator Running Long after Upgrade to 11.5.10
No Workflow Has Been Assigned To This Transaction Type
Can''t Get to Notification Details through Workflow Status after Fnd.H
OEXOEORD - Hold Applied Against Order Based On Customer & A Hold Prevents Booking Of This Order
Audit Trail Does Not Record New Recored(Create); Only Adding Updates
Pricing Formula Causes Extra Freight Lines In Interface Tables
OEXOEORD - Order Did Not Invoice Interface -Workflow shows Invoice Interface - Not Eligible
Ship To Criteria are not limited by the Customer Number selected in the Order Organizer Form
Oexpmval Form Displays Blank Fields, But Data Has Been Entered.
Need Line Flow For Return That Closes After Receipt (Skips A/R)
Service Item Line Does Not Go On Invoice Activity Hold
Workflow Background Engine Does Not Process Many Orders/Lines on New Install
Cancel order - The tax code (xxxxxx) is not active for the transaction date (xx-XXX-xx).
Need Ability To Delete/Disable Seeded Quickcode Values: FNDLVMLU
Processing Constraints Based On API Validation Templates Does Not Show In LOV
Query Sales Orders by Hold Name Results in Oracle Error: Unable To Perform Query Frm-40505
Record Is Not Inserted Into Oe_order_lines_history When There Is Price Change
Order Purge Program Selecting Open Order
OEXOEORD: Tax Not Rounding Correctly
Invoice Interface Failing with ORA-01403: no data found OE_Invoice_PUB Procedure Line_Invoiceable
11i OM Sale Order Line status stuck at ''Entered'' after line cancellation
How To Use RMA Without Creating Credit Memos
ORA-01403: No Data Found In Package OE_CHG_ORDER_PVT Procedure RecordHeaderHist
Cannot Assign Line Workflow To Internal Sales Order Transaction Type
How To Limit Users To Only Be Able To View/Query A Certain Order Type
Configuration Hold Not Getting Applied While Creating Configuration Items
How Is Visibility Of RMA (Returns) Accounting Processes Shown
How is shipping transaction date derived ?
Workflow Notification Webpage Is Different After Applying Patch 3556988
COGS Generation For Warranty Or Service Related Orders
How Hold works with regard to check box-''Apply to Order and Line'' ?
When Creating OM Transaction Types Can Not See Source Invoices
Participant Reposnses Sub Menu Is Missin
Error MSG- 340: ''Save'' Validation Failed For Lookup Type ''''Upg_rt_14''
How To Put Order on Shipping Hold After Order Is Booked.
Cannot Restrict To Apply Release Holds By Responsibility.
Sales Orders Headers Entered On Last Day Of The Month Do Not Close Same Day.
How To Execute a Returned Item Receipt Prior To Shipping Replacement.
New Transaction Type Does Not Process Line Through Invoicing
Rerouted to Login Page when Invoking Workflow from Sales Order
Workflow Performance Hangs on OE_FULFILL_WF.START_FULFILLMENT
Unable To View Audit History For Sales Order Header And Lines DFF Attributes
After Applying Patch 4702837, the Application is Still Creating Two Invoices
Incorrect Line Number Ddisplayed in Error Message for Lines Failing Processing Constraint
Approval Workflow Mechanism is not Working in Sales Orders
Workflow Background Process For OEOH Is Looping In The Workflow Deferred Queue
RMA Line Stuck in Workflow as Invoice Interface - Deferred
Approval Notificatons are Sent for All Orders not Just Return Orders
Order Header Is Closed But All Lines Are Open.
Freight Charge Did Not Go To AR
Order Import Calls Update Processing Constraints Only Once
Unknown Structure Id When Setting Up Transaction Types Fnd-01016
Tax not Included in Additional Order Invoice Information for RMA Orders
When Hold is Removed Workflow does not Automatically Progress the Line Past Invoice Interface Eligible
Can Change Tax Handling when Tax:Allow Override Of Customer Exemption=No
Need to Have Sales Order Header Close as Soon as Lines are Closed
CUST_TRX_TYPE_ID is Required when Trying to Progress RMA Order
How to Assign Approver for the R_RMA_CREDIT_WO_SHIP_APPROVE Process
OEXOEPUR Order Purge Form Greyed Out
Workflow ''Rma For Credit W/ Approval'' Notification Not Routed
Partial shipment of PTO item causes the top level PTO kit to close
Make A Change To A Sales Order Line, Receive Error Signal 6
Order Management Processing Constraints Do Not Seem to Work Correctly
What Are ''''ONT:'''' Profile Options Used For, E.G., Ont: Customer Service Feedback
COGS Picked Up From Header Instead Of The Line.
Orders Are Closing Before The Last Day of The Month
Reason Is Not Required When Unit Sell Price Is Changed On SO Line
Performance Workflow Issue In Invoicing
Autoinvoice Rejected Error: Non Negative Total Amount
Reducing Quantity In Order Line Tab Results In FRM-92100
Any Error In OEOL Is Not Being Notified
Tax code from freight charge modifier not transferring to AR interface
Freight Charges Are Getting Into Receivables With Line Type As ''Freight'' and Freight Charge is not Taxed
Changing Name On Copied Order To RMA Prevents Invoicing
Unable To View Sales Order Workflow Status In 11.5.10
Audit History Reason Code Does Not Show The User Entered Value
Invoice Line Item, The Discription Language Is Not Correct
Audit History Does Not Update When We Cancel An Order Line Or Sales Order
Error In Workflow OECHGORD Activity ''OECHGORD / nnnnnnnn'' Has No Performer
OEXDTTYP-Transaction Types Screen Layout Template Field Greyed Out For Blanket Sales Agreements
Invoice Interface Workflow results in #Noresult Error
No Values In Order Type LOV FRM-41830
Customer On Credit Hold But Order Does Not Fail Credit Check
Invoice Line From Delivery (Wsh_delivery_details)
Order Lines Must Be Manually Progressed Past Purchase Release Eligible
User Not Authorized To Release Holds Can Release Order Holds By Placing Cursor on a Line After Last Line In the Hold Window and Pressing Release Button
User Not Authorized To Release Holds Can Release Order Holds By Placing Cursor on a Line After Last Line In the Hold Window and Pressing Release Button
Order Entry Screen Freezes On Update Of Order Line
RMA Line Stuck In Workflow After Approval Rejected
Workflow Background Process Did Not Pick Any Wait Activity
Is it possible to process RMA''s without receiving them?
Can We Force Purge Of Workflow If The Lines Are Closed And The Header Open?
Sales Tax Not Showing Up On Return In OM; However It Is Correct In AR
APP-ONT-251446:Cannot Apply A Header Level Hold To A Sales Order
What are some of the Purge Programs that need to be run in Order Management regularly ?
How to find out the Invoice Number for a Sales Order Line ?
Order Line Workflow Is Not Progressing Beyond Booked Status
Sales Order Line With Hold Applied Was Able To Be Shipped
Wrong Accounting When Receiving Sales Order Return
Cannot Create Transaction Type with the same name in a different Operating Unit Get Message APP-ONT-250402
OM: Notification Approver Set But Notification Not Being Received
Delivery Of Multiple Orders Generating Single AR Invoice
Cannot View Workflow Status From OEXOEOR
Problems With Invoice Sequence For The Next Year
Order Lines Stuck In Workflow in MANUAL-PENDING status
Unable to locate a valid Sales Tax Rate for transaction - Error Message for Orders With International Shipping Address - Orders Cannot Be Booked
Error: 3207: User XXXX Does Not Have Access To Notification XXXX
How do Customer Credit Holds Work when Sales Order is created by Copying another Sales Order
Order Flow Processes Are Not Purging With Purge Obsolete Runtime Data Program
Error: Profiles couldn''t determine the valid values for profile OE_INVENTORY_ITEM_FOR_FREIGHT.
Order Line Status Stuck in Fulfill Activity - Will Not Invoice Interface
Cannot Purge Obsolete Workflows For Om Order Line
Multiple Invoices Created For The Sames Order
Invoice Interface Receives Workflow Exception Ora-0000
How To Setup an Audit Trail on OE_SYSTEM_PARAMETERS_ALL That Has No Primary Key
Assign Document Sequences Form Hangs And Locks The Tables
Workflow Error ORA-20100: File O0023727.Tmp Creation For Fnd_file Failed During Invoice Interface
Operating Unit Lov Empty In Oexparam Frm-40350
Fulfillment Sets Don''T Work With Wf Activity Hold
11i OM Cannot Print Invoice Due to Workflow Error
No LOV For Operating Unit When Creating New Transaction Type In OM
Unable To Associate Proper Operating Unit When Setting The OE Parameter
Interface Trip Stop Completes with ORA-20002 and does not process the Order Line
Copied RMA''s Not Interfacing To AR With CUST_TRX_TYPE_ID From the RMA
OEXOECCH : Orders on Credit Check Hold does not display Credit Check Rule when applied at
Orders on Close Order Hold are getting closed
Inventory Interface Results In COGS Account Generation Error
Receiveables Interface not taking place for some Sales Orders. Order Line stuck at Invoice Interface Eligible - Timeout
Defaulting Rules - Setup Defaulting Conditions
Hold Applied Against Order Based On Customer
Control - Workflow: Setup
What Is the Sequence in which Batch Source Name & Transaction Number Are Arrived at by the Invoice Interface
OEXOEORD : Getting Error ORA-00918 While searching based on the held by field of the Order organizer form
OEXOEIOS : Order/Invoice Summary Report Shows Sales Order Number As ''XXXXXXXXXXXX''
Unable To Calculate Tax Within Sales Order R12
How to Change the Wait Mode in WorkFlow to Process Order Headers with Closed Lines to Close Before the End of the Month
Can Printing be Restricted to only Selected Discount Information on Invoices?
R12 Cannot Search By Hold Name in Order Organizer
Deferred Revenue Contingencies not populated in AR interface tables
Unable to select The Partial Period Accounting Rules (Daily Revenue Rate, All Periods and Daily Revenue Rate, Partial Periods) On order Lines Accounting Rule LOV
Control - Workflow: FAQ
Tax Rule Bill-From Does Not Apply On Sales Order Form
Processing Constraint Validated Against A Wrong Field
Credit check at Sales Order Entry
When Generating Sales Order Version, It Is Not Requiring A Reason
How To Create A Purge Set With Random Choices Of Sales Order Numbers?
Control - Holds: Troubleshooting
Profile OM: Add Customer
OEXOEORD: Cannot Create Or Save Changes To Sales Order Lines.
Why Does One Receive Wf Error Process R_Rma_For_Credit_Wh_Shipment When Assigning To Line?
R12: Can We Customize The Deferred COGS Account?
Order Lines Are Shipped But Not Closed
In View Audit History, When Focusing Comments Field, A Portion Of The Screen Becomes Blank
The OM Parameters Not Copied from Previous Release When Upgraded To R12
You have insufficient privileges for the current operation for Order Information Portal
EBTAX: Please Specify The Tax Classification Code when Book RMA sales order
Removing credit hold - Workflow moves to invoice interface eligible as incomplete
On Querying, The Transaction Type Is Not Visible
Overlapping PRICE_ADJUSTMENT_ID And LINE_ID Will Not Invoice Order Line
How Does One Use OE_HOLDS_PUB To Apply Holds On Order Using API?
COGS: New Process for Cost of Goods Sol
How to Disable Tax Calculation on Sales order Line
GL Date To Be The Last Shipment Date
How To Purge Unused Record In Audit History Table
Ora-01652 Error In Order Organizer When Finding Orders With Hold Name
Implementing Globalization Flexfields to Default for Invoicing
CREDIT CHECK: Hold Is Removed When a Second Line Is Added to Sales Order
Running ''Workflow Background Process'' During Day Time Hangs For ''OM Order Line'' Parameter
Tax Amount Does Not Calculate When Using E-Business Tax
TAX issue when saving an order - Error: An unexpected error has occured. Please contact your system administrator.
Line Status of RMA Does Not Change After Being Rejected
Interncompany Transactions Does Not Use COGS Account From Item Attributes
Credit Method Not Populated In RA_INTERFACE For RMA; No Accounting Rule
RMA Unexpected Error When Booking APP-AR-11526 ORA-20001
R12:Inclusive Tax Handling And Its Behavior On Sales Orders
R12:COGS To Recognize Cost By Item Types
OEXOEORD: Retry Activities in Error Feature for 11.5.10
Receiving RMA Errors-Rvtii:076 Oe Cogs Api Returned Error..Duplicate Rows
Process Const For Generate Version And Require Reason-Where Are Reason/Comment?
How To Find AR Invoice/Credit Memo Numbers From Sales Order / RMA ?
Adding A Custom Value To The Non Extensible Lookup Called Payment Type Of Om.
Can Errored Workflow Activities Be Retried In Batch Mode
Ship Only Order Line does not close: ''ORA-06502: PL/SQL numeric or value error'
''Gross Margin Hold'' Not Placed On Order When Margin % Threshold Exceeded
Oracle Order Management Exception Management
How to Prevent Update Before Saving Sales Order with a User Defined Processing Constraint
Automatic Pricing Hold And Removal Based On Customer Price For Manual Order
Invoicing Issues with Sales Orders
Oracle Order Management Workflow Validation
Control - Holds: Setup
Control - Holds: FAQ
Cannot Create Processing Constraints On DFF Attribute Columns For Sales Agreements
''System: Error'' in ''Order Flow - Generic with Header Level Invoice Interface'' Workflow
Retry Errored Workflow Activities Concurrent Program Fails
R12 View Tax Details on Sales Order ORA-01403
R12 Booking Order Clears Tax Classification On Sales Order Line
How to Generate the COGS Account from the Order Type
Using Workflow in Oracle Order Managemen
Order Lines Stuck In OE_Invoice_WF.Invoice_Interface
OM-INV: Invoice/Crediting - FAQ
Invalid Freight Sales Credit Types in Interface Table for Oracle Applications Version 11.5.8
Enhanced Order Purge for FND_LOBS in 11.5.9
Is The Receivables Trx_number assigned in the order the sales order was ordered, shipped, or booked?
Cannot Create A Hold Source Using A Booking Hold With Warehouse As The Criteria.
Unit Price has More Decimal Places than Expected
''Unexpected Error'' Returned By ZX_API_PUB.Calculate_Tax When Saving Order
Order Purge Does Not Delete Some Orders ORA-01403
APP-ONT-251426: Version number must be greater than current version
Brazilian Portuguese Language
When Conventional Thinking Fails: A Performance Case Study in Order Management Workflow customization
RMA Within Intercompany Invoicing Process is defaulting wrong COGS From the Sales Order
Error R_CONFIGURATION_LINE Line Flow - Configuration Is Missing activity BOOK_WAIT_FOR_H
Why is Close Order or Close Line Process Not Honoring The Generic Holds ?
How to use ''Raise Integration Event'' in Processing Constraints
Manufacturing and Distribution Suite Functional Test Scripts
How to Detect Data Corruption and Purge More Eligible OEOH/OEOL Workflow Items for Order Management Workflow
Autoinvoice is failing with Duplicate Transaction Flexfield errors
Order Purge Programs deletes existing holds
OM Surcharge & Discount Not Correct In RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL
Cannot Derive the Code Combination Id for Order Type
FAQ: Best Practices For Custom Order Entry Workflow Design
ORA-02014 cannot select FOR UPDATE In OE_Invoice_PUB Procedure Interface_Freight_Charges
Interface Trip Stop Cannot Generate COGS Account
Workflow Failing On Line Invoice Interface
Control - Holds: Patches
Control - Workflow: Troubleshooting
Credit Hold Button In Customer Master Is Not Preventing Order From Booking
Transaction Types in Oracle Order Management
Order Management Exception Management: Retry Activities in Error Concurrent Program
Order Header Closed When Lines Are Open
FNDPOMSV: How To Get Patch 3731146 (Exception Management Functionality) For 11.5.10
LAST_UPDATED_BY In OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL For Closed Orders Indicates Individual User Ids.
Freight Lines Are Duplicating For Invoices
Tax Exemption Does Not Show Up In The List Of Values (LOV)
What to Check Upon Error - Required Attribute Customer Trx Type Id is Missing
Sales Order Lines are not Picked up by the Workflow Background Processor - Line Remains at BOOKED
Workflow Interfacing Order Management To Receivable Does not Send Freght Type as ''Line''
Order Purge is Taking a Long Time To Finish Having Very Poor Performance
OEXDTTYP Can Only Select ''Intercompany'' In ''Invoice Source'' Field in Transaction Type Form
How Is The Tax Calculation Performed in Order Management, When Creating A Sales Order Using Taxware?
Credit Check error fails Booking activity of Sales Order
Control - Workflow: Current Issues
Highly Recommended Patches for OM Stuck Order Cases (11.5.9 and Prior)
OM: Blanket Sales Agreements - Inline Pricing
OM: Blanket Sales Agreements - Negotiation and Quantity Consumptions
OM: Order Management Documents Version Control
OM: Quotes - Simple Negotiation with Approvals
OM: Quotes - Simple Negotiations Functional Test FLow
Credits On Order Create Multiple Invoice
ORA-3113 when Close Sales Order Organize
Sales Order Sequential Number Do Not increment by 1(not gapless)
Sales Order Does Not Close After Lines Close
OM Order Lines Stuck in Invoice Interface - Error: CUST_TRX_TYPE_ID Is Required
R11i:OM:Error OE_DEFAULT_PVT.GET_TAX_CODE for Attribute Tax Code Navigating To Sales Order Lines
RMA Creates Two Credit Memos
Invoice Interface Error: ''Description is Required for Invoice Interface''
How to View Workflow Status in the Quick Sales Order Form in Oracle Order Management (OEXOETEL)
Need To Separate Duties Of OM And AR
Not All Receivable Transaction Types Show Up In Order Type Setup Window
OEXOEORD - Unable To Cancel RMA Order Lines - ORA-20002
Control - Trx Types: Troubleshooting
Control - Trx Types: FAQ
Control - Trx Types: Current Issues
Control - Parameters: Troubleshooting
Control - Parameters: FAQ
Control - Holds: Current Issues
Control - Constraint: Troubleshooting
Control - Constraint: FAQ
Control - Constraint: Current Issues
11i OM Processing constraints form allows to setup ''Requires Reason and history'' constraint for ''Delete'',''Split'',''Create'' operations
11i:OM Tables OE_PROCESSING_MSGS and OE_PROCESSING_MSGS_TL have high volumes of data.
Credit Check Failure - Hold Applied if a Line is Backordered
OEXOEORD Unable to Change Request Date on a Line On Hold Message ''Unable to Schedule''
Workflow Background Process Updates LAST_UPDATED_BY and LAST_UPDATE_DATE Fields Erroneously
11i OM Sales order line having Configurated item cannot be Fulfilled after applying OM - H
Unable to Add or Modify Profile Option OM: Discounting Privileges
Profile Option Item Validation Organization is Disabled
11i,OM,Work Flow Error In Invoice Interface Line
11i - Intercompany Invoicing Does Not Work Properly
How To Restrict Update On ''Booked'' Sales Orders ?
Credit Check Hold Not Applied after Exceeding Credit Check Limits
Unable To Save Order Line With PTO Model in 11.5.9
Orders Stuck at Invoice Interface Due to Hold
Order Lines Stuck at Invoice Interface Eligible
Check Hold is re-applied When Cancelling Order Line
OEXOEORD - Workflow Activity Wait For Booking
OEXOEORD - Booking Results in Error Message - Please Specify the Tax Code
Unable to Close Orders even though All Lines Are Closed
Cannot Autocreate Configuration
Reservation on ATO FGI Stock Are Ignored By Create Supply Order Eligible Action
Credit Check Failure Hold Being Applied Multiple Times
frm-40735: PRE-FORM Trigger Error Opening OEXPARAM Form
Concurrent Program Workflow Background Process Completes in Errors ORA-01555 and ORA-00604
Migrating Cycles to Workflow in Oracle Order Management
Approval not being Sent to Value in Profile OM: Notification Approver
Error When Querying Orders - You Are Not Allowed To Create Order Line Because Line Is Shipped
Error Name = -20001 in OEOL After Applying OM H
How To Associate An AR Payment Type With A Sales Order In Order Management?
Credit Card Orders Error In Invoice Interface
OEXOEORD - FND Unexpected Error On Document Sequence
Unable to Run Order Management Reports because MO:Operating Unit is Null
Lines Stuck In Invoice Interface With #Noresult.
Sales Order Does Not Progress Automatically After Hold Is Released
Order Purge Purges Order Headers But Not Order Lines
Error Opening OEOH And OEOL Workflows From The Database
New Invoice Source and Transaction Type not Visible for Profile Options OM: Invoice Source and OM: Transaction Type
FRM-41830 Attempting to Select Organization in OEXPARAM
How to Activate Workflow Status in Order Management
Unable to View Workflow Status of Order Lines in Order Management
Workflow Notification Is Not Received
All Order Lines Are Closed Yet Header Remains Open
Credit Check Hold not Preventing Orders Progreessing to Closed Status
This profile option, OM: Item Validation Organization has been replaced by an Order Management System Parameter.
How To Change the Sequence of a Transaction Type
OEXOEORD - Configurator Window Does Not Open
11i- OM:User-Defined Exception in package OE_credit_check_order_PVT Procedure apply_Order_CC_Hold
No Seeded Workflow Available for Return No Credit
Hold Defined With Line Level Workflow Activity Applied Against Header Level
ATO Item not Treated as an ATO Item on Sales Order Line
OEXOEORD - Order Lines Will Not Close
OECHGORD Workflow Hardcoded to View CHGORD_PROCESS
Validation Template Doesn''t Work If The Validation Type Is Api
Workflow Errors 383: Design Validation During Upgrade
OEXOEORD - Cannot Prevent Non Shippable Item from Interfacing to Receivablesn
Autoinvoice Is Rejecting a Credit Memo Because The Tax Code Is Inclusive
OEXOEORD, Cannot See Created Hold Name When Applied Or Release The Hold
Cannot see the Workflow on a Booked Order in Order Management
OEXOEORD - Processing Constraint Not Evaluated When Ordered Quantity Is Reduce
Credit Hold Is Applied before Booking
11i,OM,The OEFG_ORDER_LINES business view doesn''t function correctly with multi-org security
What is the Connection Between WF_ASSIGN_ITEM_TYPES and the Item Setup in Inventory?
Cannot Book an Order on a GSA Violation Hold
Workflow Error: ORA-25207: enqueue failed, queue APPLSYS.WF_DEFERRED_QUEUE
FNDPOMPV - Error APP-FND-01436 When Opnning LOV for TAX: Inventory Item for Freight Profile Option
Sales Order Line Stuck In "Fulfilled" Status With Workflow Error
R12: Forms Runtime Diagnostics (FRD), Tracing And Logging For Forms In Oracle Applications
ONT - Interface Trip Stop going in Error

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