Tuesday, December 3, 2013

APP-14376: Please Enter A GL Date Within an Open Purchasing Accounting Period


Following steps to open periods in Purchasing

  Log in to application with Purchasing responsibility.
  The navigation path is: Setup àFinancials àAccounting  àControl Purchasing Periods
  Find the current month period.
  Click in the status box
  Click on the List of Values on the toolbar.
  Select Open.
  Click on the Save Disk on the toolbar


vivek said...

Hi, I can't see current financial year. I can see upto 2012 only. Can you please help me how to get current financial year... Thanks in Advance....

Naresh said...

i am facing issue same as Vivek above , could you please suggest

Eng. Nawaf said...

Hi Vivek and Naresh,

Please make sure you opened the Encumbrance Year.
by select Open and Close periods > find > Open Next Year [in Encumbrance Year Area]

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