Friday, October 18, 2013

For Displaying concurrent program dynamically In Reports

For  displaying concurrent programm name by declaring user parameter as P_CONC_REQUEST_ID and
writing trigger as srw.user_exit('fnd srwinit') in before report trigger and  srw.user_exit('fnd srwexit') in after report trigger.
now we can take one place holder column in report level... so, now we r going to use this place holder column in one formaula column.
for that take one formula column and in that we want to write a piece of code which is shown below....

select     fcp.USER_CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME into :cp_conc_name(place holder column name)
from       fnd_concurrent_requests fcr,
           fnd_concurrent_programs_vl fcp
and        fcr.REQUEST_ID=nvl(:p_conc_request_id,fcr.REQUEST_ID);

and for request id we can declare in same in formula column

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