Friday, July 19, 2013

R12 Login Page: How to Personalize the Logo

To implement this there are 2 actions required. The first is to change profile option
  1. Login to Applications as System Administrator
  2. Select: System Administrator > Profile - System
  3. Query profile "Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications"
  4. Change the SITE level value to the name of the xxx.gif file ( eg  my_company_logo.gif )
  5. Save the change
The second action is performed on the Application server.
  1. Open a telnet/PTTY session to the Application server and source Applications environment
  2. Navigate to the $OA_MEDIA directory
  3. Copy the image file to this directory and make sure permissions are set properly
Now clear your browser cache and access the environment. Now the new logo should be rendered.

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