Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Show More Than 5 Payments One Time in Payment Dashboard

1. To enable/disable the personalization, verify the set-up for the below Profile Options:
    - Disable Self-Service Personal = No
    - FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled = Yes
    - Personalize Self-Service Defn = Yes

2. Go to Payments Dashboard and navigate to the 'Review proposed Payments' screen.

3. Select the ‘Personalize Advanced Table: (ReviewPaymentsRN)’ option.

4. Select the ‘Personalize’ button provided against the ‘Advanced Table’ (under the column ‘Name’).

5. Find out that the ‘Records Displayed’ option is set to 5 as per Original Definition.

6. Change the option from 5 to 10 under the ‘Responsibility’ column and selected the apply button.

7. Save the changes.  Now, the ‘Review proposed Payments’ screen will display 10 Payments per page.

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