Wednesday, June 12, 2013

GL AP Common Issues

Issue: Journal import program error out 
Analysis: When I checked log file I have found error message saying that 0ra. : Max ext reached in table Gl_je_interfaces         
Reason: max ext reached in table space
Solution: We have increased max ext to 5000 for table gl_je_interfaces in GL by following navigation Setup> System>

Issue: Set default journal category for various GL responsibilities
Solution: Assigned default journal category for respective responsibilities. So that category will be defaulted whenever users entering journals.

Issue: Auto posting was not picking some of journals for posting every week.
Reason: First I have checked category of all the journals which are not selecting by Auto posting. Then when I checked the auto posting definition criteria I have found that these categories had not been listed in that.

Solution: I have included these categories in this Auto posting criteria after getting approval from specific person .Now Auto posting was picking all the journals for posting every week.

A. Issue: Some of payment documents are not accounted and accounting status is partial.          
Reason: When I checked payment documents I have found that some of accounts not populated when we run accounting program in ap_ae_lines table
Solution: I asked user to update accounts manually from update accounting window in the AP and run accounting process. It got accounted

D. Issue: Unable to validate Invoice.
Reason: Over billed issue. When I checked invoice I have noticed that qty rec hold placed on invoice.
Then I have checked po order quantity, received quantity and billed quantity. Billed qty is showing more than received.
Solution: I have suggested user that reverse the matching and again match with the correct quantity. User performed suggested steps and invoice got validated

E. Issue: Expense reports are not imported and not created invoices.
Reason: When I checked log file I have found that employee home address had not been defined.
Solution: I have asked user to define employee address in HR. After defining address expense invoices are created

A. Issue: Asset information has not been transferred into FA from AP when we run mass addition process
Analysis: when I checked invoice from front end, I could see that every thing was fine. Asked user to run again mass addition process but still invoice was not transferred.
Then I checked asset_addition_flag field in ap_invoice_distribution_all. Asset_addition_flag field will tell that whether asset has been transferred. Here we have three status U, Y and N .It is in Y status that means invoice has been transferred but invoice not transferred.
Reason: It is data corruption issue.
Solution: So we have update asset_addition_flag field to U and run the mass addition program. Now asset information has been transferred into FA

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