Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oracle Applications Interview Questions

Q: What is the difference between org_id and organization_id?
A: org_id refers to unique identifier for the Operating Units and organization_id reers to the unique identifier for Inventory Organizations.
Q: What is the difference between Key flex field and Descriptive flex field?
A: Key Flexfield stores the key Information. They are stored in Segment columns in tables. Descriptive Flexfields are used to store additional inforamtion. They are stored in Attribute fields in tables. They can be context-sensitive.
Q: How do you enable trace/debug in APPS?
A: No answer yet!
Q: What are global variables ? How they can be used ?
A: Global variables are variables with more scope which is at the application level. They can be used in Form personalizations, PL/SQL procedures , reports e.t.c
Q: What are custom events in apps and how to you enable/disable it?
A: Custom Events are used to track and see which trigger is fired at what point in oracle forms. This can be enabled by going to Help >> Diagnostics >> Custom Code >> Show custom events
Q: What is ALERT?
A: Oracle Alerts are used to monitor unusual or critical activity withina designated database. The flexibility of ALERTS allows a database administrator the ability to monitor activities from tablespace sizingto activities associated with particular applications
Q: What is difference between concurrent program and concurrent request?
A: Concurrent program stores the definition of what needs to be run and what parameters it can accept where as concurrent request is submitting the concurrent program for output.
Q: Tell me about Multi Org?
A: Multi-Org is an Oracle Financials feature that lets you identify specific data and financial transactions as belonging to a single organization - classified as an `Operating Unit' within your enterprise. This is essential for large customers with multiple lines of business or divisions where you want to secure access to information and simplify processing and reporting.
Q: What are the steps to register Concurrent Program?
A: Define the Executable Define the Program for the above Executable Attach the program to the required Responsibility
Q: What is profile option in APPS?
A: Profile options can be used to restrict the access to the applications
Q: What is diagnostics in apps? How do you enable/disable it?
A: To see the hidden data from application forms we use diagnostics. It can be enabled from Help >> Diagnostics >> select any sub function. You need to enter database password to enter diagnostics

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