Saturday, March 2, 2013

To Identify the Descriptive Flexfield present in a window(form)

             1. Navigate to the window and block, and set the cursor at the
                field for which you want to set up the descriptive flexfield.
             2. Select Help->Tools->Examine from the menu bar.  You may be
                asked to enter a password.

             3. The Examine Field and Variable Values window initially
                displays the hidden block and field names of the field
                your cursor was in.  Note the block name and field name
                displayed to assist you later selecting the correct flexfield. 

             4. Click the down arrow symbol in the block field.  Select
                $DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD$ in Choose a block window. Click OK.

             5. Click the down arrow symbol in the Field field.  Select
                the descriptive flexfield you want.  The LOV displays
                the block names and field names for all descriptive
                flexfields on that form.

             6. The flexfield title that appears in the Value field is
                the descriptive flexfield name with application enclosed in
                a pair of parenthesis.  Note the descriptive flexfield name.
                This is the title to choose in the Descriptive Flexfield
                Segments form. 

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