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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Absence Management

I have requirement regarding Leave approval which I want to perform through position hierarchy despite of immediate supervisor, can any body tell me the step where I can perform this through AME?

1. You don't have to use the supervisor hierarchy. By using an AME rule, you can return the approver list using a wide range of logic. You can make use of the position hierarchy, or you could choose to have an approver group based on some other logic. You will need to make sure that your transaction type (self service HR) has access to the appropriate action type (e.g. position hierarchy) to do this.

2.  First of all if you want to use position hierarchy instead of using supervisor hierarchy then u have to define the position hierarchy as chain of authority in AME and after that u have to disable the supervisor hierarchy. After enabling the position hierarchy u have to setup the approval hierarchy and work flow for Leaves with respect to current business process.. Note that u will have to make these changes for Self Service Human Resource in Approval Management Responsibility.


Urgent: Disabling TimeCard entry during Employee Leaves

We have a requirement to disable the Timesheet entries for the duration the employee is on leave e.g. An employee is on leave from 01-Jan-2009 to 10-Jan-2009.So the timecards against these dates should be disabled. Can somebody guide me how one can achieve the same? It is quite urgent.


1. Unfortunately there is no way you can control the time period list dynamically, the only way to control the time periods is using the Edit allowed preference, but in this case the periods can by dynamic based on the leave taken, so the only option I can see is custom Time entry rule (thought it does not meet your requirement completely, but at least employees will not be able to submit time)

2. I have had this requirement from many customers. I agree with Ramu that the only way to control this is through a time entry rule which looks for an absence and if 'worked' hours are claimed on the same day to raise an error from the TER.  There is no standard functionality, even in R12, to 'protect' part of a timecard. This is because the timecard matrix (the days of the week) is considered as a single entity by OTL and therefore all days will be available for entry or all will be protected, but not a mixture!


I want to correct the Current Leave balance for one employee currently its showing 10.6 and originally its balance is 31 days.. Can any 1 help me out how I correct it ... its previous year leave balance is missing. How do i correct it from front end or back end. Urgent help required.

1. For this case, do the following:
1) Create a Leave Adjustment Element
2) Add it to the Net Calculation Rules in the Accrual Plan and determine the type as add
3) Go to the employee and insert it to his/her element entries and enter the appropriate leave balance adjustment value (either positive or negative). This should directly affect the Net Entitlement in the Accrual Plan for this employee.


2. Further to understanding of below question, PTO carry over concurrent process will carry over previous year leave balance. Just select the parameter "Current" or "Previous"
3. you can use BEE (Batch Element Entry) if you are going to enter initial leave balance through the initial leave balance element, but I API is faster; Also, you can use it if you are going to upload the adjustment leave element to employees like in the scenario i displayed above.


Define an accrual category 

We need display vacation balance and personal leave balance separately on Payslip, but both are associated with accrual category value of Vacation, we believe that we need to create a new accrual category for personal leave and can't find instruction for how to do it. Please advice, thanks so much!
1. You can define new Accrual Category by creating a new lookup value against the Extensible Lookup "US_PTO_ACCRUAL"
2. Thank you so much, I created a new value in look up table and then was able to choose the value from Personal Leave Accrual plan, and eventually, was able to separate both balance from Payslip on line. Thanks very much and it was much appreciated.


Leave Of Absence with Conditional Approval Process

Q. I have an urgent case; I want to create approval process for the Leave Of Absence Function in SSHR, as the Following:

if I have to 2 vacations (Annual Leave , Sick Leave) and I want if the employee select's the annual leave it goes to the Direct manager , if the employee select's the sick leave it will be sent for the 2 supervisory level managers.

1. This is simple approval case. There are two options; you can choose whichever you find easy:
- Use AME for this requirement. Create an attribute LEAVE_TYPE which returns leave type from one of the attributes in hr_api_transaction_steps table. Based on this leave type choose the action "At least one approval required" or "At least two approvals required" from supervisory hierarchy action type.

- Modify workflow to check if the leave type is Sick leave or Annual Leave (find this through one of attributes in hr_api_transaction_steps, create a sample txn to understand where leave type gets stored). Based on leave type you can modify the approval level item attribute value to 1 or 2. Also make sure the approval flag on review page is turned off (click on review page node in workflow> node attributes section> set approval req. flag to Y). You also need to copy the menu function and remove AME parameters from form parameters section. Let me know if you need more help on this.

2. it's simple case as you said but as am new for the AME i have some problems, let's take the First Answer and work with which is as i understand

i- I will create 2 new attribute for each leave type (Annual Leave , Sick Leave) and I will make it dynamic and write select statement from the table of (hr_api_transaction_steps) to retrieve the selected leave Type .

ii- here is the problem , how to attach this attribute to the action it self (as i knew i can create new Action Type and attach the attribute for it ,but when i tried to do that i found that i can't determine such actions like supervisory levels!).

iii- create new Condition with the workflow_Process_Name and attach the LOA process name to it .

iv- create new rule and attach the actions and the Condition to the Rule
This is the steps as I know please Review :)



Accrual Plan

Is accrual plan only for Leave? We want accrual called air ticker Accrual. For E.g.: employee is eligible for air ticket after completion of one year. How to define this scenario?

1. You can create a payroll element and write a formula to calculate the completion of the year and then add it in the payroll.

2. How to make it visible to employees through self service and also in Form?
3. Shouldn't his be handled in iExpenses?
4. We don’t have iExpenses. We need to just show to employees’ current air ticket available. It’s not related to any Leave at the competition of a year he will accrue 1 or 4 tickets depending on his eligibility. Using an element and balances will not provide net accrued at sysdate.



Q. I have created approval for Absence management and in test work bench it is showing the approvers. But while applying for leave through SSHR approvers are not listing and directly saving in the database. Please help he as my UAT is going on.

A1. You need to be careful that the test data you enter in the test workbench is the SAME as in you SSHR transaction.
Usually this situation occurs because the data is different. You assume that certain attributes are set or available in the test workbench and make your test accordingly. But, in real life, the attributes may not be the same. For example, make sure that the WORKFLOW_PROCESS_NAME is really the same as the one you are calling in the real transaction.

If possible, try to run test workbench using the data from the REAL transaction and see what happens. But, I'm pretty sure you will find that your data is different in the test to that in the real transaction. Let me know how you get on.

A2. I have Created 2 attribute for absence management which will fetch the number of Days for Unpaid leave and another is for General Leave and created 3 Conditions
1. Unpaid leave is more than 7
2. Unpaid leave less than 7
3. for All other leaves

If unpaid leave is more than 7 the approval hierarchy is Supervisor > HR > CEO if unpaid leave is less than 7 approval supervisor > HR in case of other leaves it is supervisor > HR all the above conditions are working fine in Test work bench but it is not working while employee is applying leave from employee self service or Mgr Self service. I tried many times. all the possible options I have done like server bounced application restarted etc. Please help me in this regards.


Absence Management

Question: I am facing the of configuring the Absence Management module and when a user logs into SSHR and applies for leave then his balance leave should be visible in "Balance Entitlement" Tab.

As far as i know for Absence Management the following are the set of high-level setup steps.
1. Define Absence types
2. Define absence Elements.
3. Link these elements to the absence types
4. Also link the absence elements to the Payroll.
5. Define accrual Plan (this creates 4 new elements carry over, residue etc)

Q2. How to Attach the Vacation Accrual Plan or any other accrual plan to the employee?

Go to the employee assignment which you want to enroll him in this accrual plan and add your Vacation accrual plan element to the employee entries that is all.
if you have any problem I think because the date track or you are not setup the accrual plan prepare, this step I will explain it very soon with screenshots inshallah, thanks for all member how will put his comment

·         First you have to create an absence element with an input of day type.
·         Then you have define an accrual plan
·         NAVIGATION: total compensation >> basic >> ACCRUAL PLAN and assign that element in this plan give PTO_PAYROLL_BALANCE_CALCULATION as accrual formula.
·         Define accrual band and you have now defined an accrual plan for employees. Hope this Helps.

Question: Hi, I have a question about the BG_ABSENCE_DURATION formula.
We have a situation where people want to apply for an annual leave that is greater than the time they have available. When this happens, a warning message comes up:

"Warning - This absence will decrease the employee's PTO net entitlement to less than zero for one or more of their accrual plans."

Which is all well and good but the problem is that it now allows the employee to make the leave request. In the BG_ABSENCE_DURATION formula there is a variable called error_or_warning. Now I wonder if it is possible to make the page error out using this variable since I don't want a warning. I don't want the user to make the leave request at all if it is a certain type of leave request. In this case (annual leave)

Can anyone help? What should I set the variable to if this is really the problem?

Answer: If you are using a PTO accrual formula, then you need to look at the PTO fast formulas to see where this warning comes from. Have a look at the PTO_SIMPLE_BALANCE formula as an example. You may have used your own version of this.

Urgent: Absence Calculation 

Employee can take sick leave to a max of 90 days. Out of this 90 days, 15 days are paid leave, 30 days are half paid and remaining days are unpaid leave. It might be a case that employee may have a combination of these eg Employee takes 45 days sick leave, then 1-15 days will be fully paid and the remaining 30 days will be half paid. Based on this the employee's salary has to be computed accordingly. Can somebody please tell me how to go about this?




Oracle Apps Techie said...

Dear Team,

I am facing one issue in leave calculation. I have defined leave elements and it is properly calculating all the leave calculation.

But it is showing "0" always in SSHR self service.

Please do the needful if anyone faced this issue.


Unknown said...

I need to delete balance leave record from back end how can i do it, can anyone help me?

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