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Monday, January 21, 2013

Oracle Discoverer Administration and Desktop

Oracle Discoverer is a business intelligence tool to support organizational decisions and data will show in the form of excel format.
Components of discoverer:-

1.Discoverer Administration Edition
2. Discoverer Desktop Edition

Architecture Of Discoverer Administartion Edition:-

i.End User Layer
ii.Business Area
iii.Business Folders

Overview of Business Areas:-

-A business area is a collection of related information in the database.
-A business area is a set of related information with a common business purpose
-For example, information about Sales may be stored in one business area, while
information about Cops is stored in another business area.
-In simple words it can be termed as collections of objects in a particular module

Overview of Business Folders:-

-Simple Folders – Folders that are based on a database table (e.g.: ITEM)
-Custom Folders – Folders that contain a custom SQL query.
-Complex Folders – Folders that are based on multiple simple folders.

Here are the steps for creating the ‘Business area’

Open Discoverer Administrative Edition

Logon to Discoverer Administrative Edition using SYSADMIN user

Click Connect

Choose a Responsibility and Click OK

Click Create a New Business Area and Click Next

Select Any User and Click Next

Expand the Node and Select Any Table or View And Click Next

Click Next

Name the Business Area and Description Appropriately And Click Finish

The Business Area Will be created and you would view the following screen

Close the Administrative Tasklist Window

Expand the Business Area

Delete The Folder under the Business Area

Click Yes

Now the business Area is Empty

Logon to SQL Plus and Create a View according to the requirement

Relogon to Discoverer Administration Edition to have the Schema Refreshed And Open the Business Area Created Earlier.

Right Click on the Business Area Created and Select the New Folder from Database Option

Click Next

Select the Schema APPS and Click Next as shown below

Expand the APPS Schema

Select the View Created at SQL Plus and Click Next

Click Finish

The Folder is Created

Expand the Business Area and you can view the Folder

Click Tools à Security Menu

Assign the Users/Responsibilities who can access the Business Area and Click OK

Here are the screen shots for creating the workbooks in the Discoverer Desktop:-

Logon to the Discoverer Desktop Edition to create Work Books

Login as SYSADMIN User

Select System Administrator Responsibility and Click Ok

Select Create a new workbook option

Select one of the Display Style as per the requirement and Click Next

Select the Business Area and the folder on which you would like to create the Workbook and Click Next

Check Show Page Items and Click Next

You could add the condition required by clicking New.

Select New Parameter Option from the List

You will get the following screen

Enter the Name, Prompt, Description and other Fields and Click OK

Click Ok

Click Next

You can create the Sort Condition so that the Workbook would sort the data accordingly.

Click Add

Select the Field on which you would like to sort the data and Click ok

Add as many sorts you need

Click Finish

You workbook is Created.

Go to File à Managewokbooks à Properties

Give the Identifier and Description

Click Ok

Click Yes

Go to Sheet à Rename Sheet Menu

Give an Appropriate Name and Click ok

Click Save

Select Database

Give an appropriate name and Click Save

Goto File à Manageworkbooks à sharing menu

Select the Workbook and assign it to the responsibility who can access the workbooks as shown in the screen

Click Ok

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If you are facing any issues while copying the Code/Script or any issues with Posts, Please send a mail to or message me at @apps88 or +91 905 957 4321 in telegram.
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