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Printer Registration, Pasta Configuration, PDF Printing Oracle Applications R11/R12

High Level Steps

Ø  Download the driver for the printer
Ø  Add the printer
Ø  Modify pasta_pdf.cfg for PDF Printing
Ø  Register Printer with Oracle Application

Steps In Detail:

1.      Downlaod the printer driver
2.      Make a directory called UTAX (Printer Make) & copy the .ppd file under  /usr/share/cups/model/UTAX
3.      Restart the cups  –  service cups restart
4.      Go to System  –  Administration - Printing

5.      Enter the Printer Information

6.      Select the connection type as AppSocket/HP JetDirect & enter the hostname (IP address of the printer)

7.      Browse for the ppd file. Corresponding to the printer

8.      Click Apply


Error & Solution

Error:We are unable to get print.
cp /etc/cups/ppd /ART.ppd    etc/cups/ppd/ART.ppd_org
vi  /etc/cups/ppd /ART.ppd   
here search for Accounting ,Add entry under Management Code Definitions  section as as :
*KMManagement MG07986/07986: "(07986) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"
Here 07986 is the Job ID, which is created by the printer administrator.

Modify pasta_pdf.cfg for PDF Printing

cd $FND_TOP/resource
cp pasta_pdf.cfg pasta_pdf.cfg_org
vi pasta.pdf.cfg
Existing one  - old value 
 ; Xpdf
preprocess=pdftops {infile} {outfile}
; Ghost Script
; preprocess=pdf2ps {infile} {outfile}
; Acrobat
; preprocess=acroread -toPostScript -pairs {infile} {outfile}
Modified one  - New value for pdf printing 
; Xpdf
;preprocess=pdftops {infile} {outfile}
; Ghost Script
    preprocess=pdf2ps {infile} {outfile}
; Acrobat
; preprocess=acroread -toPostScript -pairs {infile} {outfile}

Check pdf2ps package is available
which pdf2ps

Note: Restart the Concurrent Processing Server after the changes

Register Printer with Oracle Application

1.      Navigation: System Administrator – Install – Printer
If printer is known printer (HP), select type accordingly else select PASTA Universal  Printer. We need to register the printer with the same name which has been derived at the LINUX.

Navigation: System Administrator – Install – Printer
In this we will be having four options where we can define a Custom Printer as well as Cust
Printer Drivers for Printer.  We need to register a Printer in the following Steps:
Driver -> Styles ->  Types -> Register
2.       In order to make use of PDF Printing Directly from a Concurrent Program we need to have PASTA_PDF Driver existing in the Oracle Applications.
Navigation: System Administrator -> Install -> Printer -> Driver
Driver Name : PASTA_PDF
User Driver : Pasta PDF Driver
Description : Pasta driver to print pdf converted to PostScript by 3rd party utility
Driver Method : Program
Driver Method Parameters : Spool File
Program Name : FNDPSTAX

3.      We need to check whether a PDF Publisher Styles exists or not.
 Navigation: System Administrator ->Install -> Printer -> Style
4.      Check that for the type PASTA Universal Printer Type - PDF Publisher and PASTA_PDF are present.

5.      Defining and Assigning the Printer at Concurrent Program Level

Let us consider the Example of Defining a printer for Concurrent Program.Usually we define Portrait or Landscape for the Style in the Concurrent Program at Output Tab. Here we need to specific PDF Publisher as the Style in Concurrent Program and as well we have to mention the Name of the Printer which was registered in the Oracle Applications.


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