Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calculation in Oracle Personalization

·         In this practice, you will learn How to do calculations in Descriptive flex Fields (DFF) by Personalization.
·         Responsibility = Purchasing Super User
·         Multiply 3 segments of DFF and showing result in 4th segment.

Purchasing Super User > Purchase Orders > Purchase Orders.

·         Now we Navigate to Personalization Form to Personalize the function of  DFF.
Help > Diagnostics > Custom Code > Personalize
·         Now select you DFF by scroll down as in this Practice DFF name is  “Multiplication of DFF values” at “Seq No. 10”
·         TRigger Event: is to when to fire your actions (In this practice we used WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD)
·         Trigger Object: On what object you want trigger to fire (In this practice Our Object is PO_LINES)
·         Condition: upon what conditions the trigger to be fired (We left this Blank)
·         Processing Mode is set to : Both

·         Go to Actions tab
·         Type : Property
·         Object type : Item
·         Target Object : PO_LINES.ATTRIBUTE5 (On which object u want to perform the action)
·          Property Name : Value
·         Value : =select TO_CHAR(:PO_LINES.ATTRIBUTE2 * :PO_LINES.ATTRIBUTE3 *     
              :PO_LINES.ATTRIBUTE4)   from dual  (Your Required Query)

·         Click on Validate & Apply Now
·         Save

          Now when you enter the value in DFF and save the record you may see results


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