Thursday, November 1, 2012

How To Setup Gapless Document Sequencing in Receivables

1. Enable Sequential Numbering Profile Option
The profile option Sequential Numbering must be enabled in order to use the document sequence feature.To ensure gap less numbering, it is recommended that this is set at the Application Level as Always Used.
Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Profile > System

Query on:
Application = Receivables
Responsibility = Receivables Manager
Profile = Sequential Numbering

2.Setup System Options
   a. Set Document Number Generation System Option to When Completed
The setting of Document Number Generation Level in the System Options form allows you to specify when Receivables should generate a document number for your transactions. This should be set to When completed so that the sequence is only invoked when the transaction is finalized.

   b. Disable Changes to Printed Transactions and Transaction Deletion
To prevent the removal of transactions which have already been assigned gapless document sequence numbers, uncheck the check boxes for Allow Change to Printed Transactions and Allow Transaction Deletion.

Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > System > System Options

3.There is no way to enforce gapless numbering directly on transaction number and the only way to do this is to create a gapless document sequence and then have it replace the transaction number by enabling Copy Document number to Transaction number.

Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > Transactions > Sources

4. Define a Document Sequence
Create a database sequence that will be used to generate a document sequence for your transactions.

Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Application > Sequential Numbering > Define

5.Define a Document Category
This step is no longer necessary in release 11.5, because document categories are automatically created for you when you define a new transaction type (or receipt method or receivable activity).

This step is shown here to provide clarity on how document sequences and document categories are associated to each other.

Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Application > Sequential Numbering > Define

The following screen shot was generated by running a query on Name = GAPLESS INVOICE.

6. Assign a Document Sequence to the Document Category
In this step, you create a relationship between the document category and the document sequence created earlier through an assignment.

Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Application > Sequential Numbering > Assign

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