Sunday, October 21, 2012

To Get the DBC File

The AOL/J Setup Test suite consists of a collection of tests that you can run to determine if your web server is configured properly. The suite is made up of Java Server Pages (JSPs) designed to trouble-shoot AOL/J setup problems. These JSPs exercise various features of AOL/J and provide feedback on the results (they do not change any settings). The test suite is accessed from the 

Where host_name and port_number correspond to the host name and port number of your instance's Apache listener. The host name and port number values are normally found in the APPS_SERVLET_AGENT profile option.

After you sign in, some preliminary information about your environment will be displayed. Click on the Enter AOL/J Setup Test link to get to the menu of tests. You must run the tests under the "Connection Test" and "Apps Framework Agent" categories.

For more information please refer to the Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide under Setting up and maintaining Oracle Applications, then Administering Oracle HTTP Server Powered by Apache (Appendix G), then Controlling Apache.
Test Name
Locate DBC File
Mandatory. Run this test first.
Verify DBC Settings
Mandatory. Run this test second.
AOL/J Connection test
Mandatory. Run this test third.
Apps Framework Agent
Virtual Directory Settings
Jsp Ping
Cabo Setup Tests
X Server Accessibility Test
OA Framework System Info
Servlet Ping
Versions for Loaded Classes

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