Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oracle Lended Cost Mangement (LCM)

Create Purchase Order (Purchasing)

Create landed Cost Shipment /Estimated Charges (Landed Cost Management)

-          Operating Unit
-          Receiving Location
-          Select Shipment Type
-          Shipment Date
-          Enter Group reference
-          Source Type (Purchase Order)
-          Third Party (Supplier Name)
-          Third Party Site ( Supplier Site)
-          Click Save

-          Click on lines
-          Select Purchase Order
-          Click Go
-          Select check box
-          Enter quantity
-          Action : Generate Charges
-          Click Go
-          Save
-          Action manage Charges

Update Estimated Cost
-          Update Estimated amounts or add new cost type/different supplier / different currency/ association
-          For association , you can select Type (Line Group – Shipment – Shipment Line)
-          Click apply

-          Actions : Validate

-          Actions : calculate

-          Actions : View Landed Cost

-          Goods                   : 2125.72 = PO Price , Unit Price = 1107.86
-          Estimated Charges            : Freight = 463.14 , Insurance =265.00
-          New Unit Price     : 1471.93
-          Click Unit Landed Cost To see landed cost detail with Pie Graph
Click On Return to shipment Heirarchy
Click Submit

Now it is ready for receiving
Create Inventory Receiving transactions(Inventory)
1-      Create Receipt Transactions for LCM Source Type
Create Standard Invoice (Accounts Payables)
1-      Create Standard Invoice and Match with the Receipt

From Lines
Enter actual Amounts for Each Amounts ( Item – Charges (Freight – Miscellaneous))
Cost Factors
Receipt Number
Action : Validate
Action : Pay in full
Action : Create Accounting
Review Actual charges (Landed Cost)
1-      Create Standard Invoice and Match with the Receipt
Close this window
Run request : Match Interface import
After Completed Normal
You will find the Pending Matching Is Yes

Close the window and run request : Submit Pending Shipments
After Completed Normal,  Pending matching will converted to No
Then view Final Landed Cost Status
Select : View Landed Cost
Click Go

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