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Oracle Interview Qs

1)What is the Flow of AP module or Proceure to Pay ?
2)How to transfer transactions from AP to GL?
3)What are the Base tables we have in AP?
4)What is Distriutions set?
6)What is Payment terms?
7)What are the types Invoicess?
8)What is Credit memo and Debit Memo?
9)What are the types of Payments we have?
10)What is diff between Supplier and Vendor?
11)Where the Accounting entries will be stored?  ap_ae_headers_all,ap_ae_lines_all
12)What are the Interfces we have in AP module?

1)How to Find the PO number if we give requisition Number?
            po_distributions  table join with req table
2)What is Match Approval and Auto create?
3)How to set up the Buyer?
4)what are the diff types of pO's
5)what is the diff between BLANKET AND standarad?
6)how to attach CONTRACT PO to the STandard PO?
7)What are the TYPES of RFQ's we have?
8)Type of Recipts?
9)Why there is no _ALL for Po_vendors table?
Vendor is common for all the Organization , vendor is not organization specific

10)Why there is no _ALL for Receipts tables?
Receipts will come at Inventory Organization level becuase we  are receiving matertial we will create the receipt receiving material meaans either godown or inventory or Warehouse all these organizations are IO Level

12)Which table will get effect in Inv when we receive the receipt in Inventory?
13)can we create pO with out Requisition no? Yes
14)How can we identify the Requision no for a perticular PO from front end?
In the Distributions Tab we have the field called requisition no.

1)What is Master Item?
2)what is Onhand and Available Qty?
3)What is Move Orders?
4)What are the Inventory Organizations we have?  -suninventories,stores,shop floors
5)What are the KFF we have?
6)Tell me some of the Base tables in Inventory Module?
7)In which column item will be stored?   Segment1
8)What is the Primary key in MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B table?   Inventory_item_id
9)In which table we an find out Master Organizations?   mtl_parameters
10)In which table we can find out Subinventories?    mtl_secondary_inventories
11)In which column we can find out Item category name ? segment1,segment2
12)What is ABC analysis and ATP date?
13)what are the Item Transactions we have? 
14)What are the reports you have developed or Customized in Inventory?

1)what is On-hadn and Available qty?
2)what are the flex fields available
3)what are the tables you have used while developeing inv reports?
4)What is the table name for items?in which column item will be stored?
5)Whata is categorey?
6)where the category will be stored?
7)what is Move orders?
8)how will you find out the Master organizations?
9)What is the table name for Material Transdactions?
10)what is the Diff between master Item and Organization Item
11)what are Item Attributes we have?

3)What is Legal Entity?
4)What is Operqting Unit?
5)What is the diff between ORG-ID AND ORGANIZATION_ID?
6)In which table we can find all the Operating Units?
7)In which table we can find all the Inventory organizations?
8)Through which profile system will find out your Org_id? MO:Operating unit
9)what is Client -info?
10)How can you Implement Multiorg in Reports?
11)How can you Implement Multiorg in sql/plsql Programs? fnd_client_info.set-org_context
12)How will you find out wether multiorg set up implemented succesfully or not?
            select multiorg_flag from fnd-product_groups
13)Which user exit will capture the User profiles? 
            FND SRWINIT
14)What is Multi Org table (Or) _ALL table?
15)What is Multi org view?
16)while developing programs,forms and Reports wether we will use Multi org tables or Multiorg views?

1)What process you have folllowed to develop Inbound Interface?
2)What are  the Interface tables?
3)What are the Base tables?
4)What is the Standard program has used to import data?
5)How to track the errors in Interfae?
6)What are the Validations you have done?
7)Tell me some of teh errors which you have faced?
8)Have you used "Autonomous Transaction" in Interface?
9)What is the diff between Inbound and Outbound?
10)Wether you have used UTL_FILE or SQL*loader?
11)What is format of Data file ? (.csv)
12)Wether your Interface is scheduled or manuvally running ? (Scheduled)
14)what is the Differenc between Converison and Interface?

1)how  many days GL Interface taken to upload? 10
2)Waht are the Interface tables?
3)What are the Base tables?
4)what process you have followd?
5)What are the Error tables?
6)What is the standard concurrent Program to upload data?
7)What are the Parameters we need to give while running Jornal Import?
8)What are the Validations you have done?
9)whata are the tables you have come Across?
10)what are the Mandatory columns in Interface table?
11)What are the setups needs to e done before GL Interface?
12)How to Post the Jornals?and How to Correct and Delete the journals?
13)What are the Errors you have faced while runnig GL Import?
EP04    This date is not a business day.
EP02    This set of books does not have any open or future enterable periods
EC08    Invalid currency code.
EB03    The budget year is not open.
EE02    Invalid or disabled encumbrance type.
EM03    Invalid set of books id.
EM26    Invalid originating company.

1)how will you develop report in Oracle apps?
2)what is Concurrent Program?
3)what is Request group?
4)What is Data Group?
5)What is Token?
6)How to make Parameter as Mandatory?
7)What are the Default types we have?
8)How many value sets we have?What are that?
9)What is :$FLEX$ and :$PROFILE$?
10)what is Dependent and Table Value set/
11)what is Incompatibility?
12)Can we delete concurrent Program?
14)What are the Who coumns?
15)How many types of Execution methods we have?
16)why we will not use TOKEN for PL/SQL Procedure?
17)Can we delete attached Responsibility to the User?
18)Whata re Concurrent Managers available?
19)What is US Folder?
20)What is 11.5.0 Folder?
21)Where do we keep the .rdf inside of Server?
22)What is Executable Short Name?
23)what is CUS_TOP ? What is the advantage of this?
1)Extensions of all files? data file(.csv), control file(.ctl), bad file(.bad), discard file(.dis), log file( .log).
2)Control file syntax? load data infile* insert into table emp fileds terminated by ','
3)How to   issue commit issue inside of control file? using ROWS command
4)what are the modes or Paths we have what is the diff between those paths?Direct mode and conventional mode
5)How to insert data into multiple tables at a time? by using WHEN command
6)How to insert data into from multiple file  at a time?
7)How to ignore a perticulre column?  FILLER
8)how to mention discard file path in control file?  DISCARD FILE
9)Where do we will keep Control file ?   BIN
10)How to pass parameters to Control file? '&1'
11)What are the different loads we have? -insert, append, truncate
12)What is Trailing Nullcols? Inserting NULL columns if no data is there and we caan't use the DDL, DML,TCL commands in control file.
13)How to register SQl*Loader file as Concurrent Program? Exection Method name=SQL*LOADER
14)how to issue where clause inside of Control file? WHEN COLUMNNAME = 'ASFD'
15)What is Data and Discard files? Rejected records which are rejected by the control file.


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