Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interview Aptittude FAQS

How can find information about the IPX Routing update packets?
debug ipx routing activity

What do you understand by 0×4 in the IOS response?
It stands for the Get Nearest Server response.

Which command can be used to monitor ipx traffic on a network?
show ipx traffic can be used for the same.

Which command is used to know the names of Novell servers?
show ipx servers is used for the same.

What are the default settings which can be changed by “ipx delay number” command?
one tick for LAN; six ticks for WAN

Which commands can help set an Ethernet interface on cisco router for both sap and novell ether encapsulations.
The commands used for this are
* interface ethernet 0.1ipx encapsulation Novell-ether ipx network 9e interface ethernet 0.2 ipx encapsulation sap ipx network 6c

What will the following command do “IPX maximum-paths 2?
This command will help load sharin on 2 paths if thes are metric paths.      * It enables load sharing on 2 paths if the paths are equal metric paths.

How can you enable both arp and snap encapsulation on one router interface?
THis can be done by assigning two network numbers one for each type of encapsulation.

How are service advertisements made to other networks.
These are forwarded every 60 seconds as each router makes its own SAP Table.

How fast do the RIP updates routing tables in novell’s implementation?
every 60 seconds.

Name 3 fast ethernet technologies.
These are 100 Base FX, 100 Base T4 and 100 Base TX.

Which OSI Layer is used for providing end to end connections?
The transport layer is used for this purpose.

What do you know about MAC Addresses?
Mac Addresses are 48 bits in length and these have a vendor code as well as a serial number of 24 bits.

What is the filtering range for IPX SAP Filters?
The filtering range is 1000-1099

What is the use of ARP?
It stands for address resolution protocol and it is used for resolution of mac address.

Which OSI layer is used to establish, maintain and terminate the sessions between hosts?
Session layer servers this purpose.

What do you understand by Administrative distance?
It is the trustworthiness of the routing information.

What is the use of ping command.
The ping command is used to test the layer 3 connectivity.

Where is the Cisco IOS stored?
It is stored in flash.

What is the use of Sequence and acknowledgement number?
These are reliable.

What is the use of IPX GNS.
Its full form is Get Nearest Server. It is used to locate the nearest server.
Subnetting borrows bits from the host portion of the address.

What is the use of Inverse ARP?
It is used to introduce the local router to the remote end of the connection.

Which routing protocol helps exchange the entire routing tables regularly?
Distance Vector.
Name the 3 different IP Routing protocols.
List three important characteristics of a MAC Address.
The three characteristics are Burned into the NIC, 48 Bits length and delivering the frame to end device.

Which two metrics are used for making routing decisions.
Ticks and Hops

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