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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


12. what is a display item?
Display items are similar to text items but store only fetched or assigned values. Operators cannot navigate to a display item or edit the value it contains.

13. What is a list item?
It is a list of text elements.

14. What are the display styles of list items?
Poplist, No text Item displayed in the list item.
Tlist, No element in the list is highlighted.

15. What is a radio Group?
Radio groups display a fixed no of options that are mutually Exclusive .
User can select one out of n number of options.

16. How many maximum number of radio buttons can you assign to a radio group?
Unlimited no of radio buttons can be assigned to a radio group

17. can you change the default value of the radio button group at run time?

18.What triggers are associated with the radio group?
Only when-radio-changed trigger associated with radio group
Visual Attributes.

19. What is a visual attribute?
Visual Attributes are the font, color and pattern characteristics of objects that operators see and intract with in our application.

20. What are the types of visual attribute settings?
Custom Visual attributes
Default visual attributes
Named Visual attributes.


21. What is a window?
A window, byitself , can be thought of as an empty frame. The frame provides a way to intract with the window, including the ability to scroll, move, and resize the window. The content of the window ie. what is displayed inside the frame is determined by the canvas View or canvas-views displayed in the window at run-time.

22. What are the differrent types of windows?
Root window, secondary window.

23. Can a root window be made modal?

24. List the buil-in routine for controlling window during run-time?

25. List the windows event triggers available in Forms 4.0?
When-window-activated, when-window-closed, when-window-deactivated,

26. What built-in is used for changing the properties of the window dynamically?

27. What is a canvas-view?
A canvas-view is the background object on which you layout the interface items (text-items, check boxes, radio groups, and so on.) and boilerplate objects that operators see and interact with as they run your form. At run-time, operators can see only those items that have been assiged to a specific canvas. Each canvas, in term, must be displayed in a specfic window.

28. Give the equivalent term in forms 4.0 for the following.
Page, Page 0?
Page - Canvas-View
Page 0 - Canvas-view null.

29. What are the types of canvas-views?
Content View, Stacked View.

30. What is the content view and stacked view?
A content view is the "Base" view that occupies the entire content pane of the window in which it is displayed.
A stacked view differs from a content canvas view in that it is not the base view for the window to which it is assigned

31. List the built-in routines for the controlling canvas views during run-time?


32. What is an Alert?
An alert is a modal window that displays a message notifies the operator of some application condition

33. What are the display styles of an alert?
Stop, Caution, note

34. Can you attach an alert to a field?

35. What built-in is used for showing the alert during run-time?

36. Can you change the alert messages at run-time?
If yes, give the name of th built-in to chage the alert messages at run-time.
Yes. Set_alert_property.

37. What is the built-in function used for finding the alert?

38. List the editors availables in forms 4.0?
Default editor
User_defined editors
system editors.

39. What buil-in routines are used to display editor dynamicaly?
Edit_text item

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