Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oracle Applications Scripts

1. How do I find the list of responsibility assigned to menu. Just the table name will do ?
There are two views are involved in this case
First you have to find the menu_id of the menu from FND_MENUS_VL
Then you have to search in the FND_RESPONSIBILITY_VL with the condition of menu_id
The query goes like this

SELECT responsibility_name
WHERE menu_id = (SELECT menu_id
                                  FROM FND_MENUS_VL
                                  WHERE user_menu_name LIKE  '%MENU_NAME%')

2. How many user is using the given menu ?What is the table name to identify he above relations.
The Table to identiy is FND_USER_RESP_GROUPS. From this table, you can get the User_id and then map it with the FND_USER table to get the user name

4. To get Key FlexFields are there in Oracle Applications and there names with Module name.
Run This qury:
   SELECT fat.application_name,
  FROM fnd_id_flexs fif
       JOIN fnd_application_tl fat
    ON fat.application_id = fif.application_id
   AND fat.language = 'US'
 ORDER BY fat.application_name

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