Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Creating Simple Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Search Page

1)    Open the jdeveloper:
·        select new OA workspace

·        Here give the name of workspace click ok,  then we will be creating new project first
(need not specify pck name as server or webui in the first go)

·        Database connection, in order to query

Go to  “C:\oracleappsframework\jdevhome\jdev\myhtml\OA_HTML\secure” and select the dbc file
click next and click finish…..we have created .jpr file now.

2)    Now we will be creating server and webui packages :

·        Right click on the .jpr and select bcomponents

·        creating server pck

·        Don’t select any schemas here as we r just creating  the package,that is, below pg just click next

·        Similarly create a webui package

3)    Until this point we have created workspace, project in the workspace and 2 packages(server and webui) inside the project

Now we shall be creating EO(not mandatory for searching as it does not involve any updating or inserting), VO and AM under ‘server ‘ package.
Then we will create a Page and attach a controller to the  page(of course we shall be connecting each of the internally)

·        Creating EO:

continue and keep clicking next and EO is created:

·        Create VO now

The below step can be performed in two ways, in this case we have created EO already and hence we can select EO but when EO is not created in that case  there will be an option where we can write SQL query like select * from oe_order_headers_all

Select the required columns that are to be viewed:

Check both options in below screen

·        Create Application Module now:

Below is the most important step, connecting a VO to the AM, this is important else there will be an error as there would be nothing to display when a pg is called

Now we have created, EO VO AM in Server:

4)    Create a Page and attach controller to the page in webui

·        creating a page:

·        Once we click  OK, we get something like this

·        double click on region 1:
change the name to

Then connect it to a AM as shown below

Give the window title and title

·        Now page is created, we need to create a controller

Right click on main region and call new region and double click on new region

then change the following:

Then right click on MAINRN and the select the following,
we use wizard because we can directly select VO and from there we get items directly then

select vo from abv and change the following to table

Next click on the resultRN and then make one of the attributes searchable,

Now run the .xml page as shown below:

IN order to rectify the above error, there were 2 things
·        order_mgmt_super_user should be changed to ORDER_MGMT_SUPER_USER
·        tHEN there is a another mistake,

instead of creating results in mainRN, create it under  query region like shown below
Run the page and you will get the following output


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