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Oracle Reports Important Frequently Asked Questions

Which built-in is used to call the required Report?

Can you pass runtime parameters from reports to a Graphics display?
Yes, you can.

Do you use bind references to replace reserved words or clauses?

Which object you create to hold a value that end_users can change at runtime?
User Parameter.

Which property handles a situation where an expected parameter is not passed at runtime? 
Initial Value.

Do you use System Parameter DESNAME to specify the destination type for output?

Do you reference parts of the SRW Package in layout format triggers or report level trigger? 
Yes, you do.

Do you think that you can call the contents of SRW Package form within any of the Developer tools?
No, you do no.

Which SRW Package Procedure is used to apply specified formatting attribute to the current layout object?

In a Character Mode environment interaction with the host computer is continuous or not?
It is not continuous.

In a Bitmapped Mode environment interaction with the host computer is continuous or not?
It is continuous.

Do you think that Reports stored in the database generally execute faster than those stored in the file system?

Is it advisable to remove the redundant frames in the layout ?
Yes, it is.

Can you determine your own search paths for files called by Developer/2000 tools in a windows environment?
Yes, you can.

Which file is used in windows environment as the Performance File?

Does Printer Definition file acts as a translator for the Printer?

'Reports printer definitions are stored as SQL Plus files', is this statement is true?

Do you need to compile Printer definitions files before using them?
No you don't need.

Which script deletes Report's specific tables?

Does Confine mode keep child objects enclosed within their parent frames?
Yes, it is.

Do you think that it is possible for you as a developer to assign common properties to multiple objects?

When you set page break for an object, an objects that appear below it always move to the next page.  Is it true?
No, it is false.

What are the categories for report_level objects?
Data Model objects, Layout objects, Parameter Form.

Is an external query a collection of PL/SQL source code that can be referenced by other modules?
 No, it is not.

Which design tool defines the appearance of an interface that allow the end_user to supply runtime values to report?
Parameter Form Editor.

Can External queries be saved to the database?
Yes, you can.

What is contained in the Database objects fields of the Tables and Column names dialog box ?
Table and View names.

The Master_Detail layout is the combination of which two layouts?
Form and Tabular.

By default is there a page break after each record in the form default layout?
Yes, there is.

Does a break report always contain a break group?

Is it true that a break report data model is created using at least two queries and at least one group?
No, it is false.

If you minimize the number of break columns in your break groups, will you minimize the number of columns that are added to the order by clause?
Yes, you will.

The link causes, which query to be executed for each instance of the Parent group?
Child query.

How many cursors does Reports have to open for a two-query data structure?

Does Default columns referred to as common columns?
No, they are not.

Does Default columns referred to as placeholder columns?
No, they are not.

Does Formula column performs a user_defined computation on another columns data? 

Which field in Summery column's Property Sheet shows the calculation to be performed?
Function field.

If a Placeholder columns datatype is LONG or LONGROW can you edit the width field?
Yes, you can.

Can we define a  Summery  column at  Group level?
Yes we can.

What anchor does?
Links one or more layout objects together.

Does queries are created by default?

'Oracle Reports creates one group for each query', Is it true?

Does link are created by default?

Where you can restrict maximum number of rows?
In Query Property Sheet, in maximum rows field.

Because of creation of links, the relationship between which two objects is created?
Group and Query

To produce control break reports, to produce matrix reports and to summarize data at intermediate level which object is needed?
Group Object.

If you change a query name after the group has been created, Can you change the name of group?
No, You cannot.

If we take one query  eg. Select, e.salary   From EMP e, dept d Where e.dept_id =
       Order by salary
And if we create Break Group with , What will happen?
Here Order By clause is modified just like order by 1, salary.

A Link  defines a parent / child relationship between a group & a query. Is it true? If yes then via which two keys?
Primary and Foreign.

Which term in SQL is related to the "link" in reports?

Can you create a link from child query to parent query?
No. Always create a link from Parent query to Child query.

What is Bind reference?
A bind reference replaces a single value or expression.

What is a Lexical reference?
A Lexical reference replaces any part of a select statement, such as column names, from clause, where clause, order by clause.

In which case Parameter is created by default?
In case of Bind reference Parameter is created by default.

Bind reference is used to replace which clause?
Where clause, Group by, Order by, Having, Connected by, Start with.

What is a User Parameter?
It is an object that you create to hold a value that user can change at runtime.

What are the properties of Parameter? 
Datatype, Width,, Input Mask, Initial Value, Validation Trigger.

What is the function of 'Restrict the List of Predetermined Values'?
It is used to determine whether to prevent users from entering any value not included          
      in your list.        

If you uncheck the restricted values check box what will happen? 
User can also enter values to the List box.

What is the default value of System Parameter "COPIES"?

What is value of System Parameter "COPIES"?
Any Integer.

What is the value of System Parameter "DECEMIAL"?
Any single Character.

What is the default value of System Parameter " DESFROMAT"?

What is the function of System Parameter " DESTYPE"?
Destination type for output.

What are the values of System Parameter "DESTYPE"?

What is the default value of "DESNAME"?

What do you mean by System Parameter "MODE"?
Whether report executes in Bitmapped mode or in Character mode.

For what purpose you use System Parameter "ORIANTATION"?
It is used to specify the print direction of printer output.

What are the values of System Parameter "ORIANTATION"?
Landscape & Portrait

What is the default value of System Parameter "ORIANTATION"?

What is the value of System Parameter "THOUSAND"?
Any single Character.

Does Oracle Reports allow DML (i.e. insert, update, delete) in layout format triggers?

When you use Group filter in Data Model?
When you need to restrict records in a specific group.

Whenever a where clause in a query is not applicable which data model trigger is useful?
A Group Filter.

Do you add a filter to a Matrix Cross_Product group?
No, you cannot

A matrix report is also referred to as "CROSS_TAB" report, is it true?

How many types of matrix reports are there?
Tell their names. There are 4 types. Simple matrix, nested matrix, multiquery matrix with break and matrix break.

If you build a matrix report with only one query, how many groups are require in addition to one created by default? 
3 groups.

How many types of query structures are there?
Tell their names. Two. One_Query_Matrix & Multi_Query_Matrix.

Matrix reports are built with four or more groups. Is it true?

What is the difference between a Nested Matrix and a Matrix Break?
In case of Matrix Break, One or more groups are a parent of the cross_product group.
And in case of Nested Matrix Three or more groups are surrounded by the cross_product group.

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