Friday, November 18, 2011

Project Classifications

Project Classifications Project classifications are used to group the projects.
A project classification includes a class category and a class code.Class categories and codes are shared across operating units. For example, if you want to know the Product to which a project belongs, you can define a  class category with a name such as Industry Sector.
You can define class codes for this category such as Hi-Tech,Professional Services, Federal,E&C etc.Classifications can be used for querying projects, reporting, and AutoAccounting.

A classification can be marked as mandatory for all projects or for projects with a particular project type.The following options are available when you define Project Classifications:
Mandatory Classifications
You can specify whether a class category is mandatory for every project you define. Select this option if all projects must  have a code assigned to this class category.Classifications and Project TypesOn the Project Types tab, you can select each project type that you would like to associate with this class category. Enable the Mandatory check box for a project type if you want the system to require all projects of the project type to  be associated with the selected class category.
If this option is checked, you can use the class category in the auto accounting rules.
Allow 1 code only
Specify whether you want to allow entry of only one class code with this class category for a project.
Allow percent entry
This controls the ability to associate percentages with classification codes. The system requires class code percentages or the category regardless of the project type.
Total percent equal 100
If this option is checked, the sum of all class code percentages should be equal to 100 for the selected class category. This option can be disabled at anytime.

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