Sunday, November 20, 2011

Processing Accruals in Oracle Project Accounting and Genaral Ledgers

1. In Oracle PA, open the following Expenditure:

2. Enter the following information:
a. Batch – this should be some sequential numbering system used by your
location and tracked. As an example, in the US, we use the following
numbering system: 2008 # 1
b. Ending Date – You should select the 15th of the period for which you are
closing so that the expenditure is captured in the correct period.
c. Class – Choose “Miscellaneous Transaction”.
d. Description – Enter a description for what you are making the accrual for.
e. MOST IMPORTANT – Make sure the “Reverse Expenditures in a
Future Period” is checked. This will ensure that your accrual will
reverse out of the Oracle PA and GL in the period following your accrual
f. Press the “Expenditures” button.

3. Enter the following information:
a. Organization – Enter your Finance Organization.
b. Expenditure Item Date – This information will auto populate.
c. Project Number – Enter the Oracle project number that you are making the
accrual for.
d. Task Number – Enter the project task number that the accrual is for.
e. Expnd Type – Enter “Cap-Upload”
f. Quantity – Enter the amount of the accrual.
g. Comment – Enter a comment if you would like.
h. When you are complete, save and close out of this form so that you are on
the screen in Step #2.
*NOTE – you can enter as many lines as you would like for multiple projects on this
form. You do not need to do one form per accrual.

4. Make sure the “Running Total” equals the total amount that you are accruing.
a. Press “Submit”
b. Press “Release”

5. Run the following Request:

6. Select the following Parameters:
a. Streamline Option – DXU
b. Currency – Currency for local books

7. Press “Submit”

8. Once Step #7 is complete, then go to Oracle GL:
a. You will need to query and find the Journal Entry that you have just
posted for your accrual. The best way to do this is search by “Category”,
“Period”, and “Posting” status.
b. Once you find the correct, Journal Entry, you will need to rename and then
post it to the GL.

9. Now that the Journal Entry and Accrual are posted in the Oracle PA and GL. You
have now completed all of the steps for the period which you are closing.
However you will have one additional step during the following period.
10. During the following period:
a. You will need to query for the Miscellaneous Transaction that is reversing
your accrual out of the GL.
i. Remember, you have already set up the reversing entry in the
Oracle PA by clicking on the “Reverse Expenditures in a Future
Period” button when entering the accrual in Oracle PA.
b. Once located, you will need to rename and post it to the GL.

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