Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Table Or View: Table
Important columns: 
LINE_ID : Line identifier
HEADER_ID : Header identifier
LINE_NUMBER : Line number
ORGANIZATION_ID : Organization identifier
INVENTORY_ITEM_ID : Inventory item identifier
FROM_SUBINVENTORY_CODE : From subinventory code
TO_SUBINVENTORY_CODE : To subinventory code
QUANTITY :  Quantity requested
QUANTITY_DELIVERED : Quantity which has been delivered

The table MTL_TXN_REQUEST_LINES stores all of the move order lines. The lines are requests to move some quantity of an item from a source location to a destination location or account. Each move order line must be tied to a specific move order header.
When a line is detailed or pick released, the quantity detailed is updated appropriately and transaction lines are created in MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP. When the transaction lines are transacted, the quantity delivered is updated.

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