Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oracle Faqs ?

  1. Write syntax to rename column in table?
  2. List out the employees who are drawing maximum salaries in their respective jobs?
  3. Write a query to list employee details having ‘_’ in their name?
  4. What is the advantage of 9i joins? Name some of them.
  5. Query to display only duplicate rows in table?
  6. Query to get last “Friday” of any month?
  7. How to retrieve only the Nth row from table. Write down a sample query?
  8. What is materialized view?
  9. What is rowid? Write down sample query using it.
10.What are New & Old? How they are supported in DML
11.What are Background process in Oracle . List them ?
12.Write a sample Pl/Sql Block using implicit cursor?
13. What are parameter modes. Write a sample program?
14. What are types exceptions? List some pre defined
15. What is Two Phase Commit ?
16. What is SQL Loader ? Write down sample Script ?
17. What is UTL_FILE package purpose ? List down some sub
programs in it ?
18. write sql stmt to change sequence maximum limit ?
19. What is the difference between Delete & Truncate ?
20 . What is the purpose of Spool command ?

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