Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oracle Report Registration Script

Develop a report as per the MD.50 document

compile the report and move rdf file to the custom top

copy the rdf file name with out extention(.rdf)

login oracle apps giving the user name and password

go to the system administrator responsibility

Navigation : system administrator responsibility
-> Concurrent
->Executable ->
1)Give Executable Name
2)give Short Name
3)Application in which u kept .rdf file
4)select execution method (oracle reports for reports)
5)paste the rdf file name
6)copy the short name
Save the transaction
close the executable window

system administrator responsibility
->select concurrent
-> define -> 1)Concurrent program name
2)give any unique value ( primary key)
3)give application name
4)Executable name ( paste the executable short name)
5)method will comes automatically
6)select format like HTML,PDF,TEXT etc

Concurrent program parameters:
7) click on parameters button on concurrent window
8)give sequence number
9)parameter prompt
10)select value set as required( if param is number- 10/number,character ->100 character, date-> fnd_standard_date
11) map the report builder parameters in token feild
12) save the transaction
13)copy the concurrent program name

system administrator responsibility
->request -> press F11( query the desired request group)
1) paste the concurrent program name
2)save the transaction

-> switch to desired responsibility
Navigation: -> file -> swith responsibility-> select desired reponsibility

goto view
->request ( get SRS( STANDARD REQUEST SUBMISSION) window)
-> press submit new request
sigle request -> press O.K

select concurrent request(Concurrent program name) u want to submmit
-> give parameter values

if the request completed successfully , u can see the out put

press on output

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