Thursday, August 11, 2011

Query to get item attributes under status control :

select meaning1 attrib_group,user_attribute_name_gui,
-- ,control_level, status_control_code,attribute_name,
-- attribute_group_id,data_type,
-- user_attribute_name,level_updateable_flag,
-- validation_code ,lookup_type1, lookup_code1,enabled_flag1,lookup_type2,lookup_code2,
meaning2 control_level,
-- ,enabled_flag2,
-- lookup_type3,lookup_code3,
meaning3 status_control,
-- enabled_flag3,lookup_type4,lookup_code4,
meaning4 validation
-- ,enabled_flag4
mtl_item_attributes_v where control_level in (1,2) and status_control_code
is not null and user_attribute_name_gui is not null and attribute_name in (
select attribute_name
from mtl_item_attr_appl_inst_v ) order by
attribute_group_id_gui, sequence_gui

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