Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project Accounting Tables

`PA_PROJECTS_ALL: Information about projects
PA_AGREEMENTS_ALL: Customer contracts that serve as the basis for work authorization
PA_BILL_RATES_ALL: Information about bill rates and markups of standard bill rate schedules
Assignments of billing extensions to a project type, project, or task
Information about expenditure item cost distribution
Information about expenditure item revenue distribution
PA_DRAFT_INVOICE_DETAILS_ALL: Inter company invoice details for cross charged transactions
PA_DRAFT_INVOICES_ALL: Information about draft invoices generated for projects
PA_DRAFT_REVENUES_ALL: Information about draft revenue generated for projects
PA_EXPENDITURE_COST_RATES_ALL: Cost rates for non-labor expenditure types
PA_EXPENDITURE_GROUPS_ALL: Groups of pre-approved expenditures
PA_EXPENDITURE_ITEMS_ALL: The smallest units of expenditure charged to projects and tasks
PA_EXPENDITURES_ALL: Groups of expenditure items incurred by employees or organizations for an expenditure period
PA_PERIODS_ALL: Implementation-defined periods against which project performance is measured
PA_PROJECT_ASSET_LINES_ALL: Summarized project CIP costs
PA_PROJECT_ASSETS_ALL: Assets defined for capital projects
PA_EXPENDITURE_TYPES: Implementation-defined classifications of expenditures charged to projects and tasks
PA_EXPENDITURE_CATEGORIES: Implementation-defined groupings of expenditure types by type of cost
PA_CLASS_CATEGORIES: Implementation-defined categories for classifying projects
PA_CLASS_CODES: Implementation-defined values within class categories that can be used to classify projects
PA_PROJECT_CLASSES: Class codes of class categories that are used to classify projects
PA_BUDGET_VERSIONS: Versions of project budgets
PA_BUDGET_LINES: Detail lines of project and task budgets

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