Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oracle R12 Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order Process Flow

Process flow and Setup required to create Oracle Order Management Internal Sales order (ISO) from Internal requisition (IR)

What is internal sales order
A request within your company for goods or services. An internal sales order originates
from an employee or from another process as a requisition, such as inventory or
manufacturing, and becomes an internal sales order when the information is transferred
from Purchasing to Order Management. Also known as internal requisition or purchase

Oracle Purchasing uses Order Import to transfer requisitions for internally sourced
products to Order Management. Once imported, the internal sales orders are processed
similar to regular sales orders.

Note: You can create requisitions (with same number) in two different operating units.

You can partially or fully cancel the line quantities on internal sales orders.
You can make the following attribute changes after an internal sales order has been generated:
Update Scheduled Shipment Date
Decrement order line quantity
Note: If you cancel an internal sales order, order line, or backordered order line that is linked to an internal requisition, manually cancel the internal requisition. The order cancelProcessing issues a reminder.

Test Case –
Item – IR Item004
Assign to Inventory Org M1 and M2
Create Requisition with Destination Org M1 and Source Org M2.Create Internal Sales Order in M2

1# Create Item IR Item4 , with “Purchased Item” as template , in Oracle Inventory Management.

2# Mark Item as Internal Order Enabled.

3# Assign Item to M1 and M2 Inventory Orgs.

4# Define Cost for Item Navigation >Costs >Item Costs

5# Update the cost
Update Standard Costs
Update Cost

6# Set the Internal Order Setup at Customer Ship To Site in Oracle Order Management.

7# Define Shipping Network setup Between M2 and M2 in Oracle Shipping.
Inventory > Setup > Organization > shipping Network

8# Define Purchasing Option Setup for Internal Sales Order and define
Internal requisition Order Type
Internal requisition Order Source.
in Oracle Purchasing Module

9#Create & Approve Requisition in Oracle Purchasing

Save and Approve Requisition.

10#submit “Create Internal Order” Concurrent program in Oracle Purchasing.

11#Submit Order Import

Query for Sales Order based on requisition Number.

12# Progress the Sales Order from Awaiting Shipping to Close.

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