Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oracle Reports With Parameters:

1)If WE have parameters in the report we are suppose to define those parameters
while defining the Concurrent Program

2)Select Parameters button enter the following Fields

Seqno:Any +ve number no duplicates are allowed
ParameterName:Any User defined parameter name
Value set:10/NUMBER or 100 Charachters or FND_DATE
Token:Enter the Bind Variable name

Token : It is one of the field in parameter form to map the Concurrent Program
parameter with Report bind Variable.

Value Set: Is nothing but list of values with validations which will be used to
restrict the user without entering the invalid data.

Required CheckBox: When we want to make the parameter as mandatory or Optional we will
use this check box. If we enable it will be mandatory
disable it will be optional.

Display CheckBox: When we want to hide the parameter we will use this check box
user can not find the parameter at SRS window.
we can pass default values internally by using Default types.

Enabled CheckBox: We can delete the parameter.
instead of deletion we can also disable the parameter. Whenever we required again
we can enable

Range: This option will be used to set the values as Low and as well as High.

From Date
To Date

UserID UserName Cdate RespName Applicationname Datagroupname StartDate Enddate
------ ------- ----- -------- --------------- ------------- --------- -------
1545 25USER 10-JAN-07 25ResponsibiltiyOracle Purchasing Standard 10-JAN-07
Systemadminist System admin STANDARDA 15-JAN-07



From Date
To Date

RespName Applicationname Respkey Menu Requestgroup Datagroup End date
======== =============== ======= ==== ============ =========


Default Types :

When we have the Parameters to the Concurrnet Program we would like to pass some
default values we will use the Default types we have 6 types of Default types.

Current Date
Current Time
SQL Statement

Note: While passing the default values normally we will hide the field by using Displayed
check box .So that User can not change the Value.

Attach the Concurrent Program to other Responsibilities:
1)Open the Responsibility Form Query Resp name , Copy the Request Group

2)Goto Request group Form query the Request group name . Attach the Concurrent Program
3)Goto SRS Window and submit the Program.

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